**love Your Cries And Tears** Poem by lily peace lago every by to ph

**love Your Cries And Tears**

Rating: 4.9

Better learn to love your cries and tears....

Fortunate to fall down at young
the rolling tears wiped out by the Mother
the love affection and care revealed unto you....

Rolling tears and widespread cries
are affection and expressions of love
and adieu during bonvoyage a new leaf
in life the cries are blessings
and the tears of well wishers are fortunates...

Rolling tears are meaningful in the bride`s hand
the groom`s unto death surrendering life
are the gracious welcome of new meanings....

Lover`s cries and tears are ecstazy
and their unspoken love
and the tearful life, their meaningful approach
for a new naive in life
in unsurrendering will to live
are immeasurable in their old age
tears roll on their cheeks as memories....

Love your cries and tears as they are always meaningful....

Sanober Khan 06 November 2009

that is so beautifully written, and so rich in meaning, very powerful and wise words, thanks for sharing! !

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Nathan Barkley 06 November 2009

That was great. loved it

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Indira Babbellapati 06 November 2009

tears are spontaneous expression of our emotions...lovely write!

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Carol Gall 06 November 2009

beautiful poem lago 10

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Eyan Desir 07 November 2009

A very fine poem...Lago

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Ken E Hall 29 January 2010

A poem thats different and cries and tears poignantly spread thru life which is indeed a reality very nice poem++++10 regards

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Noel Horlanda 17 November 2009

Love your cries and tears, a unique theme indeed. When someone cry with tears it's either you're sad or happy. Better to be happy then. Marvelous!

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 15 November 2009

Its time to be joyous with tears nice concept! Tear brings catharsis in melancholy too. Ten Ms. Nivedita. UK Please find new posts and looking for your comments

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Kranthi Pothineni 08 November 2009

Very nice theme indeed. Liked your thought process. Fine write.

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Vidi Writes 08 November 2009

I would rather know.............. how much you would have counted And run into................. to come out with a poem so highly rated Each line depicts a reality posture................. reader is delighted. With quality of write and preach in it, we all are profusely treated. Thank you, dear poet.

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