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Rodio se u Sarajevu, Jugoslavija. Živjeo je cetiri države a pomakao se svega 400 kilometara od rodnog grada.
Volio je tri žene. Prva žena mu je rodila djecu i ona je danas njegov najbolji prijatelj. Druga žena mu je uljepšala najbolje godine života, razboljela se i umrla. Treca žena mu se zvala Muza i za osam godina je dva puta ubila sebe u njemu. Ipak ne živi potpuno sam.
Živi sa uspomenama u Beogradu, Srbija.


He was born in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. He lived four countries and moved only 400 kilometers from his hometown.
       He loved three women. The first wife bore him children, and she is now his best friend. The other woman adorned him with the best years of his life, she got sick and died. A third woman was called Muse and in eight years she killed twice in him. Still, he does not live entirely alone.
      He lives with memories in Belgrade, Serbia.
She asked me: " Can I call you Yankee Dowm?
I said: " Ok, but why? My name in english is really Dawn, but I have a nickname Zoka and it's easy to pronounce in English.

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Tulips In The Snow ~ Lale U Snijegu

You're looking at the unnatural picture:
Tulips in the snow.
Tulips are a symbol of beauty and power.
Snow is what you love.

Snow will dissolve, tulips will dry
because in nature everything disappears
and is reborn.

There are many symbols with your life
in the image you are looking at.
It's like you dream of beauty
and next to you, on the table,
is basket with plastic flowers.
It's like your blind minds.
They spend their time in vain.


Lale u snijegu

Gledaš u neprirodnu sliku:
Lale u snijegu.
Lale su simbol ljepote i moći.
Snijeg je ono što ti voliš.

Snijeg će se otopiti,
lale će se osušiti
jer u prirodi sve nestaje
i ponovo se rađa.

Ima mnogo simbolike
sa tvojim životom
slika u koju gledaš:
Kao da maštaš o ljepoti
a pored tebe je, na stolu,
korpa sa plastičnim cvijećem.
Isto kao tvoje slijepe misli
koje troše vrijeme uzalud.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 25 April 2019

JANKOVIC ZORAN is a wonderful and brilliant Poet. Most of his poems are of great depth, thought. provoking and cleverly written.

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Prabir Gayen 24 February 2019

A rare poet of exceptional talent...ZORAN I LIKE YOUR POEM...

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Mahtab Bangalee 18 February 2019

JANKOVIC ZORAN is one of my favorite poet of this literary site. The below is my little effort and wish to his finest poetic arts-

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Mahtab Bangalee 18 February 2019

Joy, let it come to enjoy the exaltation of his poetry Ability enables my inquisitiveness Nothing can live in truth without true poetic artistry Key-point poetic diction his greatness Over all this site we find his talent in poetic ink Voice of true rhythm he is in this planet wings Idealism I follow and find him on this way Civilized his thought lives long with brightest ray

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Poetry is like figure skating. It has technical value and artistic impression. Anyone who loves it can glide but the artist's impression leave only those that the judges and the audience feel. Anyone who writes has the right to be called a poet, but only those who write in gold letters remain written under this name.

When the poet kills with words must always leave a letter for yourself.

Nature mean life. All against nature is battle for dead.

Goodness is in good soul. Everything else is transient.

The truth has two blades but for her it's worth dying.

Philosophers are like pregnant women who advise young girls how to stay innocent. Filozofi su kao trudne žene koje savjetuju mlade djevojke kakao da ostanu nevine.

When you are offended by those who think differently, their thoughts are the same as their words. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kad te uvrijede oni koji drugačije misle njihova misao je ista kao i njihove riječi.

People who make limits think that there is nothing above them. Each border is just an underlined line below which one will continue to create a new boundary once. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ljudi koji prave granice misle da ništa iznad njih ne postoji. Svaka granica je samo podvučena crta ispod koje će neko jednom nastaviti da stvara novu granicu.

When violence is a lifestyle in which someone participates like in a show that only his friends see, then his friendship will last as long until the curtain goes down.

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