** Amour Toujour Amour * Poem by Louie Levy

** Amour Toujour Amour *

Rating: 2.7

Emotion, Devotion and Interpretation -

hardly easy to define, yet why 'Life'
becomes of another meaning, feeling.
I lack not words that communicate thought
nor relate messages that are felt of anger,
empathy and peace. Lyrics have often been
heard and written by authors with less than pause

O, possess my hands that I may scribe of such wonder
Mysterious source of all that encompass and addict
Sweetness and bees are synonymous, while
War and Peace are felt with similar attraction

There's no denial of where Human envy reside
nor; what happiness and Love can provide
Conglomerate and confuse, what with all that
'Life' can experience and debate un-resolving

Virginity will, where innocence be taught
and emotion have its way with 'Heart'
Wherever be the complexity of torso, so be
the Spirit of what beats from within

My reality equates with mortality and
that which complexes acceptance
No further will the 'Minds' Eye conceive than,
our own conception to envision as 'Whole'
O, then how does one so deft, be deaf of
understanding, arriving at the near finality of life

Where once, there was fear of last breath
and 'Death', wordily, prohibitive

I hear 'Love' and all that has been of its abuse
now has it embrace anger with compassion
Hate surrenders, the while, Peace welcomes
Grateful Earth, ever blossoming of it's
Cornucopia of 'Love's Elixir'

This moment, has already past
with its hope to survive another
Treasures are that which have sifted
of but Earth, Sand, Ocean depths
and Celestial....

* Love be all ways, Love


Greenwolfe 1962 09 February 2009

This is one of the most compelling writes that I have read on Poemhunter. It is easy to see why you are published and read. What an absolute pleasure to read this poem. Filled with marvelous phrases and rhymes and rhythm. I enjoyed this tremendously. Wonderful! GW62

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On 6/29/2009 rrw (Robert R. Woods) proclaimed these words: Wow! A profound write on the beauty of existence... Yes, with all its open wounds and flowers... Just a wonderful discussion that never hides from itself or tries to make more (or less) out of life than what it is. A meditation on life.

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Pregnant with passion and loaded with a love that liberates. Well done my friend. 10/10

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Dulakshi Wakista 24 February 2010

well expressed.You've great thoughts.Lovely poem.I thought this is a french poem.When I opened your poem oh it's amazed me.Thanks for sharing.

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Bob Blackwell 22 August 2009

I agree wholeheartedly with Greenwolfe's comments, you have a great way with words, your thoughts and feelings are expressed with great passion. I just hope that LOve and Peace prevail.

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O 'its' muse of modest endeavor, is grateful for your kind comment What with single breath gasp - Love is where such quik writs reside ...louie

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