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201. A Crucifixion, A Resurrection And What Next? 4/24/2014
202. Beware Of These Men, Love Vs Lust, 1/11/2014
203. But I Closed My Eyes 2/16/2014
204. When Shall I Befriend You? 5/1/2014
205. A July Wish 7/8/2014
206. Am I A Mouthpiece? 9/2/2014
207. As There Was No Other Option... 3/31/2015
208. Thus He Spake 11/17/2013
209. As The Mangalyan 14 Woos The Mars 9/23/2014
210. An Ode To Mr Narendra Modi, The 15th Indian Prime Minister 5/25/2014
211. When A Pedestrian Speaks 7/16/2013
212. The Scare Revisited 8/22/2013
213. Midnight Revelry 8/28/2014
214. You Need Not Follow Me Please... 12/28/2013
215. What Shall I Do? 10/3/2014
216. A Day You Will Hear My Song 3/1/2014
217. The Other Side Of It 2 10/18/2013
218. A Cat And Rat Game 6/16/2013
219. When The Moon Cries At Times 8/31/2013
220. At Times It Is So 9/29/2013
221. Welcome 2014 12/22/2013
222. This May And I.... 5/5/2014
223. Why Should I Look Through The Windows Anymore? 2/26/2014
224. As The Scent Of Love Spreads.. 2/4/2014
225. Drowning Or Sailing Still? 6/13/2014
226. A Village In Flood 7/24/2013
227. Bidding Adieu To Nelson Mandela 12/6/2013
228. My Yesterdays 8/13/2014
229. A Face Yet To Be Painted Bright... 2/15/2015
230. When I Breathe My Last 11/15/2013
231. Happy Birthday To Jesus 12/22/2013
232. I Want My Yesterdays Back 1/30/2014
233. A Camel 6/16/2013
234. On This September 21 9/20/2013
235. On This Friendship Day I Thank You All... 8/3/2013
236. The Scare 8/20/2013
237. Quiet Flows A Small River 10/4/2013
238. Namukkoru Onam Koodi - Yet Another Onam For Us. 9/14/2013
239. If God Ever Offers To Befriend Me*... 9/7/2013
240. The Bull In The City [ 'Nagaramlo Vrushabham' ] 2/26/2014

Comments about M.D Dinesh Nair

  • ewghrkewgh (11/28/2017 10:46:00 PM)

    you are very wonderful poet.you write poems very nicely

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  • Amir Mohammad Islami Chalandar (6/6/2014 7:13:00 AM)

    excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

  • Richard Beevor (5/26/2014 8:48:00 AM)

    Hi Dinesh your poems this may and I are both beautiful and enchanting works that draw the reader into another world, also a mention for Valsa George, a lady whose work I admire very much, thank you for this lovely moment.

  • Govind S (5/26/2014 4:24:00 AM)

    Thanks for ur valuable input.i'll work on it

  • Govind S (5/22/2014 1:40:00 AM)

    u are a very good kavi.your kavithas are great.please read mine and comment

  • Tirupathi Chandrupatla Tirupathi Chandrupatla (1/28/2014 7:21:00 PM)

    Dinesh Nair is a great presence among poets at PH. He is a fearless poet as a poet should be. Any tiny discrepancy in society does not escape his attention. He goes to the depth of the problem and clearly presents in his poem with fine selection of words. He is a master with selection of words and his poems show the power of the usage. He is current with affairs of the world and is forthright in his presentations. His poems direct readers to think positively and to be of service to humanity. His comments are highly thoughtful and provides encouragement to fellow poets. I wish Dinesh all the health and energy in his pursuit.

  • Kavya . Kavya . (1/17/2014 1:38:00 AM)

    a very creative and vibrant poet who writes poems on various interesting topics from current affairs, on life and on real life situations.....he has a very high command over English language and he totally justifies his writes in a very apt way..........His words of encouragement to new emerging poets on this site works wonders.............He is our guide, our inspirer, our teacher. I wish him all the best and my he soar greats heights in the field of poetry.

  • Rubab Atwal (12/6/2013 8:02:00 AM)

    Mr. Dinesh Nair is a very inspiring poet who has encouraged me alot.I would say that he is god-gifted and very talented.I would like to thank him for encouraging and inspiring me.

  • Geetha Jayakumar Geetha Jayakumar (9/20/2013 11:42:00 PM)

    Mr. Dinesh Nair is one of the Vibrant poet, comes with poems on variety of topics from life, nature, to the moving current topics.
    His words of Inspirations and encouragement brought many changes in my writings especially for a beginner like me. I respect his vast knowledge in any topics and especially on current situation, which is reflected in his poems. His all the poems are unique in its own way along with perfect command over English.

    I would like to Thank him for encouraging and supporting me in this journey of poems.

  • Valsa George Valsa George (6/20/2013 11:30:00 AM)

    Mr. Dinesh Nair, once a vibrant presence on poemhunter is a gifted writer with an amazing command of English language. His poems are striking with a pungent sense of satire and his language is piercing! Words in his hands are shafts flying from an archer's bow! They hit at the target and shake us off our stupor of complascency.

    He is brisk and sharp at responding to regional, national and international events. He points his fingers strongly at the follies of the society and the narrow idealism often practised by religions! With a missionary zeal, voices for a classless society. Though he negates the existence of God, he believes in such a brotherhood of the lowly and the rich with no distinctions of caste and class; the essence of all morality!

    He has been there to encourage all beginners to poem hunter! As a novice when I entered the scene, his encouraging comments have gone a long way in building confidence in me. Hereby I register my indebtedness to him and wish him a wonderful creative career ahead! !

Best Poem of M.D Dinesh Nair

Happy New Year To Dear Poem Hunter Friends..

Happy new year to you all..
Leave alone the degrees of its variation.
Happy new year to you
Because you are all dear to me.

Happy new year to Ms Valsa George the silent performer,
Happy new year to Ms Daine Hine the rare observer,
Happy new year to Mr Unwriiten Soul the re collector,
Happy new year to Mr Tirupathi Chandrupatla the all rounder.

Happy new year to Ms Shahzia Batool the ocean of thoughts,
Happy new year to Ms Valerie Dohren the nature painter,
Happy new year to Mr Thomas A Robinson the driver on thoughts plain,
Happy new year to Mr ...

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Beneath Your Skies

Beneath your vast skies
I see a kite with all might flying
With the vigil of a sentinel aboard the clouds.
Under the bonsai plants of my dwarfed garden
I lie with closed eyes and begin to dream.

As the skies begin to come down
And I begin to feel the flopping wings of the kite,
My eyes open to see the miracle of

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