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Sea Of Faces

Rating: 4.3

Ten million people each with their problems
Why should anyone care?
They would only stop to gawk or stare
I see the city lights all around me
Everythings obscured
The pain I have cannot be cured
All alone in an ocean of beating hearts
No time to visit crowded streets and marts
Lost in a sea of faces

No television shows or holidays can save me
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Kelly Allen Vinal 22 February 2005

Excellent imagry, deep in meaning

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Amy Murtagh 18 December 2005

The opening thre lines drew me in right away. Great read I felt like I was there in the crowd just behind you.

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Monica Engeler 12 March 2005

I really enjoyed reading this. Well organized and developed. I like what your getting at. Great read.

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Kim McInnis 06 March 2005

I like this, especially your second stanza. I like the idea of cancer eating one's sanity; that's a really strong image. Well done.

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Nicholas Jankowski 27 February 2005

Very good imagery. I love the line 'All alone in an ocean of beating hearts'

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dissatified exmember 22 February 2005

Life can most definely be a sea of faces. Good imagery. Hugs Jan

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