Medha Upreti

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Medha Upreti Biography

Hi! I am Medha Upreti and I write about life, food, festivals of Nepal. Although my poems are in English, I often use Nepali words to enhance the musical quality and give a Nepali charm to them.

I completed Master of Arts degree in English Literature from Indira Gandhi National Open University. I teach at a language school in Kathmandu. I am now ...

Medha Upreti Poems

Colours Of Teej

Red, yellow, green
sarees, beads, bangles
women twin
their attires

Day Of Teej Festival

Red sarees
green beads
a sea of people
outside Mahadev Temple


Start of Sarad reetuu
Arrival of Navaratri
Festival of Durga Puja
Nine days of celebrations

Colours Of Dashain

Nine colours for nine days
Good fortune and good wealth
Festival of Dashain
Yellow for Pratipada

Bijaya Dashami

Young and old
fly kites.
Children swing
in the leenge peeng.

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