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खाली थियो जमीन
बर्खायाम को समय
निरन्तर पानी पर्‍यो
पानी निकास हुने ठाउँ थिएन

A butterfly flew nearer.
With no intention of scaring it,
I sat still, breathing slowly.
It flew directly at me,

June's birth flower, the honeysuckle,
has bloomed near the fence.
Fragrance of the blossom,
is a flirtatious tease.

The white flower blossoms
catch my eye.
The green leaves
are soothing to the eye.

A city very new
for her great nephew
but older than her
in age and history

Virtual 'Hello' on Day One,
their conversation continues
till eve of Day Seven.
He captures her attention,

Shiva, The Meditator
Shankar, The All Knower
Mahadev, The Trident Bearer
Bholanath, The Benevolent Lord

Ego had never met Humility
until one fated day.
Both were crossing the road
from two opposite sides.

middle of the day
     the quake is powerful
a destructive force
     earth's mighty power unleashed

बगैचाका गुलाबहरु
        फुले लहरै
        हावा चल्दा
        फुलहरु देख्दा

खुल्ला सफा निला आकाशमा उड्ने चरी म
रीतुहरुसँग रमाउने परी म
फुलकै नजिक नाच्ने मौरी म
कालो रातमा मधुर बत्ती बल्ने जुन्किरी म

असार महिना
धानका बिउहरु उम्रे
रोपायी को समय आयो
असारे बाली रोपायीका दिन

आज मितीनीसँग
धेरै दिन बाद भेट भयो ।
उहालाई चिया सारै मन पर्छ ।
चिया पिउन फोन गरेरै बोलाए।

'Thulo Mama', as I loved to call you,
My dearest mother's eldest brother,
You were the heart and soul
Of one branch of the Mainali clan,

speak first
speak last
speak it soft
speak it loud

Eyes are keen
to see the green
in the outdoors.
Ornamental bamboo

Red, yellow, green
sarees, beads, bangles
women twin
their attires

Red sarees
green beads
a sea of people
outside Mahadev Temple

Start of Sarad reetuu
Arrival of Navaratri
Festival of Durga Puja
Nine days of celebrations

Nine colours for nine days
Good fortune and good wealth
Festival of Dashain
Yellow for Pratipada

Medha Upreti Biography

Hi! I am Medha Upreti and I write about life, food, festivals and mood. Although my poems are in English, I often use Nepali words to enhance the musical quality and give a Nepali charm to them. I completed Master of Arts degree in English Literature from Indira Gandhi National Open University. My poetry books titled 'Musings on the Ordinary and the Mundane', and 'The Rebellion, A Collection of Contemporary Poems', both released in 2021, are available on In 2013 my translations of 33 poems from TP Mainali's Nepali poetry book 'Samarpan' into English 'Flames of Devotion' was published in paperback.)

The Best Poem Of Medha Upreti

कमलका फुलहरु

खाली थियो जमीन
बर्खायाम को समय
निरन्तर पानी पर्‍यो
पानी निकास हुने ठाउँ थिएन
हेर्दा हेर्दै सानो पोखरी नै बन्यो
धेरै महिना बिते
सायद एक दुइ बर्ष नै बिते
त्यस पोखरीमा आज
कमल का फुलहरु फुल्छन्


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