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I love poetry. When I write, I pick the smallest feeling deep inside my being and mulitply it times ten, and then just let my emotions flow on to the page. Most of my poetry is just spur of the moment thoughts, that I later revised. I'm very proud of all my writing, and would like to keep it mine.

Megan Louise Brown Poems


The river of my heart
Flows out into
An ocean of love
Between me and you

The Holocaust Of Dreams

Dreams are lined up against the wall
In an imaginary Holocaust
One by one, they are shot down
As the dreamer is grounded

Melt Away

Seconds pass by
I'm still lost in your eyes
And pressures of the day
Just melt away

Nothing But A Picture

Thy pleading hands are nothing but
A picture
They strike a saddening chord in
My heart

Bloody Peace

The dark red stains the canvas
With crimson waters and rosy sand
And while angels cry among us
I'm painting peace with my bloody hands

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