The Ferris Wheel Of Life Poem by Meggie Gultiano

The Ferris Wheel Of Life

Rating: 4.3

(A collab write with Kayte, a fellow poet)

We're going to ride the Ferris Wheel of Life
And when it gets to the top,
We'll review each of the blessings we've received.
They never seem to stop!

Round and round we go
never stopping, never wondering
our life's struggle has it's beginning
it will always have it's ending

Along our way we've found laughter,
love and happiness, freely given by
Earth Angels we call 'Friends.' -
From them we find courage to ride
Life's Ferris Wheel time and again.

We have our ups and downs
And fears for the future in our early rise
Our aching knees we take in stride
We have a God that heals and provides
For this we trust in faith and give thanks

As long as there's beauty in the sunrise,
The sound of laughter at a sweet surprise
A child reaching for our hands to hold
The ride on Life's Ferris Wheel, we'll savor
Just knowing the blessings of God's favor,
Our hearts will be happy and we'll never grow old!

May 12,2008

Sonya Florentino 30 September 2009

true, life is a ferris wheel, and it's best to go with the flow, and accept whereever we are are at that time, knowing that change is always possible, and never to take anything for granted....

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C. P. Sharma 01 October 2009

A delightful poem. On the Ferris Wheel of life enjoy the ride Take all the struggle and strife in a stride. CP

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Noel Horlanda 01 October 2009

a joyful, a blessing piece of work. Life is like a wheel, a ferris wheel they say. Life has its ups and downs, one day you're at the top, the next day you're down or sometimes you're happy and sometimes you're sad. Yeah, just like in the movies a happy ending and a tragedy.You can never tell, anything could happen.

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Indira Babbellapati 01 October 2009

you can no longer declare that you are NOT a poet...

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Patrick McFarland 01 October 2009

Interesting take on the circle of life Maggie. Very nice.

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Meggie Gultiano 31 October 2009

From: Frank James Ryan, Jr. (5/12/2008 1: 01: 00 AM) An apropos parallel drawn in the smbolization of a ferris wheel likened to lifes ever-revolving course....the peaks & valleys...high's & low's...and sometimes we get stranded at the top...and all we can do is wait, til the man in charge, brings us down to safegrounds....Excellent penning & a belated, but Happy Mother's Day to you, Meggie! You caught me visiting tonight, as unfortunately, once again, i have decided to retire the beckons my unwavered efforts...and literature, [so it appears, for me, at least] not not going to cover any bills! I will visit soon again, and i have left 100 select poems on site for whomever, whenever. You take care, young lady. ~ FjR ~

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Lynda Robson 06 October 2009

Well written by you both and an interesting look at the ferris wheel of life, 10 Lynda xx

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Irene Clark-hogg 03 October 2009

The constant cycle of life - a delightful piece of writing, so optimistic. I love the last three lines. They flow beautifully. Irene

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Rani Turton 02 October 2009

Optimistic and a joyful manner of affronting life and its ups and downs. Nice!

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Ken E Hall 02 October 2009

A metaphorical ride indeed thru all the ups and downs of life a nice way to view it all and I view this with a big huge ten God is with is thanks for the read uavaniceday regards

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