The Last Embrace Poem by Meggie Gultiano

The Last Embrace

Rating: 4.5

You walked as fast as you could
Bringing with you some food to partake
Life is difficult, you have to make do
With the provisions the nuns have provided
For you and your husband to keep afloat each day

Keeping him company
Dependent, relying upon him
Feeling alone, lonely and neglected
Never the love and affection you expected
For many years your hidden heart embedded

He comfortably provided you
With a home you call your own
Tried working night and day
His illness had to wait, he must save
For rainy days, the future has to stay

In the dimly lit room he slept in peace
Never waking to see the dawn
Holding his hands, so frail and cold
You were alone — again, lonely and neglected

'You breathe as deeply as you can
You have the last embrace …'

thank you for dropping by and leaving your heart print. I will always treasure it...God bless you
A tribute to Elsa, our caretaker in the convent where i stayed
Melanie Johnson 06 January 2010

And you say you're not a poet... This is the work of one if I may say so... Your words have a deep meaning and are so heartfelt. Thanks for sharing. =)

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Jodie Yu 09 November 2011

being together but feel lonely is a big shame and real loneliness. the last embrace makes the taste of loneliness last long.. :)

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Margaret Beil 20 December 2011

A beautiful poem about love, commitment and devotion. Remembrance is sacred.

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Terence George Craddock 21 August 2010

So many ways to write (*) THE LAST EMBRACE * So many ways to respond to (*) THE LAST EMBRACE * sacrifice for others at such noble cost is always inspiring to those who care, to those who appreciate sacrifices made for them. As God has told us, it is better to give than to receive. Another way to write (*) THE LAST EMBRACE * for a music lover like Meggie Gultiano is 'Lamp Lit Darkness In shadow Night' Beauty given never dies, 'to live in hearts we leave behind is not to die'.

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Vipins Puthooran 08 November 2011

A real poem: well penned with an elegant write! Life is a bond of relationship! This poem is an excellent tribute for that noble person! ! Top Marks! ! !

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Poignant poem. Emotive. Loved it. Top score

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Sylvia Frances Chan 10 July 2023

Excellent poem, this is my revisit here. I have read this poem on PoetFreak. Brilliant presentation.

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Tan Pratonix 25 October 2017

This is a great poem. But I was terrified when I saw the review by Pintu Mahakul. Terrified! Good heavens, is anyone going to read that review at all? ? ? ? He calls himself a Doctor, a Ph D. Frightening. After all, it was a poem you wrote, and not a novel the size of David Copperfield! God save us from the Ninjuns!

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Dr Pintu Mahakul 15 January 2017

From the desk of Dr. PINTU MAHAKUL (Ph.D.) (Release of Review) Comprehensive Review To the poem titled, “The Last Embrace, ” by Meggie Gultiano This is a very beautiful tribute to a caretaker named Elasa. Reading such an amazing poem my mind is filled with emotion and affection. Love remains ever with life. Coming to first stanza of this poem I feel the importance of food in life. Every creature in this universe searches for food. Many provisions are provided for nuns. They take care of others and humanity is their power of service. Life becomes difficult while a person does not get good food, gets suffering and remains with lack of shelter and basic necessities. With selfless service love is given to them fulfilling their needs. Walking as fast as she looks forward and it means many things here. It seems to express worries regarding life and catching affection in mind. Elsa has never expected love and affection but still she is in memory. She has given company to her dependent husband. Hidden heart is embedded for many years. It is sad to have feeling neglected and feeling loneliness and these are of course common in such situation of life but she has emotion and love in her heart. Second stanza of this poem expresses deepest grief, love and emotional attitudes here. Her husband has provided home for her comfortable living with necessary assets. That home has become her own home and very often she has said this. Working whole day and night she has tried a lot to keep good status of home for happy living. But illness to her husband has brought worries in her mind. Saving him from danger of suffering is first duty for her. The future has to stay. Future is unknown but still there is expectation of good health or safety recovery. Rainy days play a humorous role here in expression. This third stanza indicates dual sense of coming happy season in life and coming of sorrowful days that makes her cry. Poetic wideness is well expressed here. Comfort comes in life through love and happiness. Coming to fourth stanza of this poem we know about Elsa’s husband’s peaceful sleeping. Dimly lit room expresses emotion of truth to realize here. Metaphoric and humorous expression brings poetess’s wise views ahead in excellent manner. Elsa’s husband has slept in peace and never has got up to see dawn. This is very sad. His hands have cold. Embracing and holding his cold hands what Elsa feels is unexplainable and poetess cleverly says about the situation here. Elsa has become alone and loneliness has covered her. Las and fifth stanza of two lines talks about deep breath. The last embrace leaves readers in deep emotion and deep love remains in mind ever as a memory. We expect many things to do in life but everything we may not complete or achieve. Love allows us for dedication. Life is sailed automatically by influence of time. Elsa’s devotion to family and her love has strengthened her a lot. Story of this poem carries very deep emotion and it makes readers emotional. Grief, joy and love flow in parallel manner here. Loneliness has accompanied with last embrace. Noble sacrifice of Elsa will definitely inspire others to decorate life with love, tolerance, patience and joy even in sorrowful situation. This poem is brilliant, emotional and an excellent poem of the time composed by poetess Meggie Gultiano. Deepness of wise expression declares her as a great poetess and this poem reflects that she has strong perception in qualities. She has power of feeling other’s emotion and situation. This is one of the best poems ever composed by her that reflects real life’s scenario and this is thought provoking too. An outstanding tribute to her beloved Elsa is well narrated with her life’s journey. I wish all the best to poetess from my deepest core of heart. God may bring fortune for her. (With best wishes, from: Pintu Mahakul) Time and Date of Release of this review: Time: 8: 50 PM Sunday,15 January 2017 (IST) Time in India Place of review: Brahmapur, Odisha, INDIA

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Phillip Joshua Jimenez 19 December 2014

And with this poem, I have to disagree with what you said that you are not a poet. Well, you just wrote a great poetical peace here! :)

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