Michael P. McParland Poems

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You're So Beautiful

If you only knew how beautiful you are to me
you'd know I see an Angel every time I look at you.
I get short of breath my heart first skips a beat,
then speeds up fast,

The Most Beautiful Woman

Without a doubt you are the most
beautiful woman I have ever known,
my heart sighs and sings every time
I see and think about you my great

My Precious Rose

My precious rose has grown and blossomed
into the most magnificent woman I've ever known.
A true Angel full of bright caring love,
my sweet darling whom I hold so high

Be Filled With Peace

Be filled with peace my love.
Feel me there holding you
telling you how much I
love and need you.

I Hold To Hope

I hold to hope because I feel your love,
I don't believe we're done yet because
we have a bond that holds us tight.
A true love we can't quite explain,

The Sweetest Girl

The hurts of the past will not last.
Your love for me fills the glass.
With great hope for what's yet to be wrote.
Our final chapter is far away.

My Hand In Yours

My hand in yours as we lay in bed.
Your head resting on my chest,
both smiling as we just lightly drift.
Content, peaceful, together,

Warmth, Love, Hugs, And Kisses

I'm sending you all of my warmth
and pure love.
With the greatest of colossal huge hugs,
topped off with the deepest most

Exhausted 5

Worn out and spent in all ways,
been up forever and barely eaten a thing.
It's time to lay down and attempt
to find and receive some sleep.

Night Note 47

I've been thinking of you
the whole night through,
missing you deeply and
wondering how you are doing.

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