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I'm Mikayla, I am 14 amost fifteen.
My mom works alot and my dad is a drinker.
But the one thing that really gets me through life is writing poetry. I'm willing to learn anything anyone can teach me. So if you have something to say, please just say it. It can only make me a better poet!

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Pick up the booze,
Pour it down the sink.
Please will you just stop?
Have your one last drink.

Put up your drinking shoes,
I know your better than that.
Your drinking is tearing us apart,
Don't you know I love you, dad?

One day I hope you realize,
You meant so much to me.
I've tried so hard to help you,
but it's useless, I'll leave you be.

I love you daddy.
Can't you see?
What your drinking does to me.

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mikayla carpenter Popularity

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