Alone Poem by mikayla carpenter


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They all say that you're stupid,
but its like you never really care.
They all say that your annoying,
but you just lock away the pain.
You lock it all away,
until you can't take it anymore.
And all you want to so is scream until you cry.
You just lay on your bed waiting/wanting to die.
You can't take the feelings of hurt,
that you try so hard to hide.
When everyone thinks you're fine,
that's when it gets to you the most.
It gets to your heart and your mind,
and spreads throughout your body.
To the tips of your fingers and in the blood of your eyes,
Until you feel the tears stream down your face,
and a feeling unknown takes over.
A feeling of anger mixed with something short of sad.
You just tell yourself not to think about it,
because it can't be that bad.
You hide under the armor that you've tried to keep stable,
but everytime you come out,
you feel as if your unable.
Unable to have fun with people you thought were friends.
Unable to open up and tell them how your life has been.
Unable to let them see the you that no one really knows.
Unable to be yourself in the middle of the chaos they call the world.
Your just.. what's the word?

Shekhar Joshi 18 June 2009

so very true......nicely expressed emotions.........its hard to be alone and hated by everyone......but over the years i have learned why cry for people who never really care for you......... good poem

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Anju Addanki 19 June 2009

hi reader Yes it was a very truthful poem. Now a days people do not have time for them selves so how can they think of others. The Poem ALONE is the present life situation. good one

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Amber Hartzog 29 June 2009

This is a very powerful poem. It really acuratly describes how it feels to be alone. Great work.

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Dislocated Heart 29 June 2009

Very good points in this poem... that explains exactly what it's like.. to be alone... I can relate..

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James Mclain 29 June 2009

Alone on the dark side of the moon forever with the universe full of life.. living inside the dark side..of moon...iip

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Sara S 30 June 2009

yeah... i always feel a little outside I know the people who are my friends would be happier if it was just them two except when they need me or if only one is there.... but if i am with them both i am alone even with them... locked inside because we are so different we barely relate....

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Aziz Alkaabi 29 June 2009

They all say that your annoying, but you just lock away the pain. I can understand this feeling. And I pondered a little at the word 'annoying' Why it was chosen, subconciously or otherwise, by the author. Or if it is his own self portraying or what those'they' think of him. If it is the latter, which I suspect it is, you need not worry, Mikayla. Those are many poor souls and everywhere. You have expressed yourself fine here, but be strong and fight back with your pen and you will find an amazing weapon for you already possess a capable hand and an active brain. Good write and good luck. Aziz

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Carol Gall 29 June 2009

all you have to ever be is you everyone is unique

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Makayla Straight 29 June 2009

My life is just like yours... Good writing

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Sarah Abdullah 29 June 2009

Very Nice poem... Love the lines and how you expressed the emotions.... Love it.....

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