Drinking Poem by mikayla carpenter


Rating: 4.9

Pick up the booze,
Pour it down the sink.
Please will you just stop?
Have your one last drink.

Put up your drinking shoes,
I know your better than that.
Your drinking is tearing us apart,
Don't you know I love you, dad?

One day I hope you realize,
You meant so much to me.
I've tried so hard to help you,
but it's useless, I'll leave you be.

I love you daddy.
Can't you see?
What your drinking does to me.

The Dreamer 19 June 2009

Bless Mikayla - I hope your father get to read this to realise what a wounderful caring daughter he has - take care 10++++++

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Nic Leisure 19 June 2009

wow so much emotion in this poem outstaying work and a good flow.. to it to it's the best one i read today keep the good work..10...

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Ron Flowers 19 June 2009

A wonderful write, Mikayla. Make sure he reads it. Ron

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Merna Ibrahim 19 June 2009

Actually, it is so sad but so so sweet and it's so evident that you wrote it from the core! ! Well done...10++++ Merna

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Lynn Glover 19 June 2009

Mikayal: I hope your father soon realizes what he is missing out on by not being there to share your life. Keeping on writing and remember we here at Poemhunter are available to give you any advise we can. I was very down when I was on board the USS Lenawee during the Korean War and felt the whole world had forgotten me so I just kept on writing. Now I have a book titled 'Poems from the Heart' and you can too. Just keep on writing.Your Poem Pal Lynn B Glover

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Carol Gall 29 June 2009

i know it hurts my dad was the same hang in there mikayla

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Sarah Abdullah 29 June 2009

wow....love it... Great msg....and strong too.... 10

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Suicidal Magic 26 June 2009

wow almost brought me to tears 10+++

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HiM name 23 June 2009

sounds so much like my dad...

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Emily Core 22 June 2009

why drink it never helps it only brings pain good one 10

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