My Circus Show Poem by Mohammed Hassan (Piracy In The Mediterranean)

My Circus Show

Rating: 4.8

you are welcome to my world, the circus of my life
show me what it seems to be like them
they always come and they always all will go
no one can stay because we are placed in hell

the path I took is too long
my feet won't carry me all my life
we all doubt that the scissors can't cut
what remains from our lives

they kill only in their mind, alone with their own fate
it comes true as they fade into my world
when you look long enough into the ocean abyss
the abyss also looks enough into your will

I never played chess with anyone
whom I once believed I can beat
sixty four squares aren't enough
for my moves of castling then beat

it's my circus show
that proclaims in me
I tell you how it goes
to take off and flee

Romeo Della Valle 11 October 2009

Well penned, Mohammed, very deep in essence, as you can see, our lives sometimes become a real circus, one way or another, and we all are clowns with smiling face without the audience realizing or noticing our broken hearts...great work, you got my vote 10+, Love and Peace, brother

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 11 October 2009

it's my circus show that proclaims in me I tell you how it goes to take off and is great circus in which we all have play oyr part and leave this worldat destined time.. this is how it goes onwith sad or happy part.. well done and keep it up....10 read to sorrow... cuckoo... great circus....visiting hell

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Abdul Athani 12 October 2009

its a nice and a sweet poem on circus type of life 10

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Obinna Eruchie 12 October 2009

It is a nice piece for a thought.

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Merna Ibrahim 09 July 2010

We all know that the life is like the circus... But you described your circus in a good way and added your special touch. Well penned! !

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Omar Ibrahim 16 October 2009

you are a poet be ma3nal kalema! ! ! not like us we a re playing...but you are really a poet your words can tell that your poetic expressions are wonderful! ! ! i'm very proud of you....spread your self! !

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true Little angel ...! ! ! 12 October 2009

yeah. that's true... nicely written Mohammed.. thanks for sharing such cool poetry...

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sweetness! ! :) I like the way you write! ! :)

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The Lost.. 12 October 2009

it's a very nice poem, i like it..keep writing.

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