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You've got nothing to look for, and
pieces on the floor, strewn all over
You can't bend and you can't pick
Your back and spine hurt so much

Thirty seven years ago,
it was the same late afternoon
on a lazy Sunday
the gentle sun rays were

On the night when it rained nectar
You were deep in slumber
Awake I was, alone but not lonely
Neither tired nor afraid

Come on Dear, hop on our humble caravan.
For the land you have kindly given to park our
tired souls, lands you haven't seen, we will show;
give you those moments you never experienced.

Thought I'd write you a song
so melodious, my dear lady,
but alas! It got big and fat
on an overdose of emotion.

As I trekked through
the valleys and the mountains of life
Came across this stream
but I walked along

I am a cow, I am a holy cow
But I am not holier than thou
As we all cows go to meadow
to graze, we hustle and jostle,

I should not be talking any further
Silence is what I should be dying for
What I need is an immediate salvation
from craving for this mindless conversation

I read prefaces of ten great books
on life, in a life time of sixty years.
I tried to look for my own in them,
damn, I got dazed, I got confused.

My dear angel with white wings,
I have been waiting for you so long,
A life time, for you to take me along
on your magic chariot to the King….

In the diamond necklace, I'm the gold locket
wish you wore me around your slender neck
Pity, I am lying wasted in your treasure chest
Whisper in my ears, oh my dear, what's your fear?

Can we have some silence?
I seem to be hearing something
although I am hard of hearing.
It's faint and seems to be coming

If I ask you these questions now,
Dear Dad, hope you do not mind
Thought of catching up somehow
very many times before you died

Dear friend, how can I ever thank you enough
For many avatars, you had taken for my sake,
like Vishnu had taken to protect the universe.

No strolls on the beach
with hand in hand
neither we smelt the fragrance
of flowers in the park

I am the dark cloud of monsoon,
You can call me Guleum or Yun,
I fly high, never mind those walls
Oh so old, great, strong, and tall

Why did you let me in to this world?
Why did you get me out of your mind?
Have been so cozy and comfortable
In the warm confines of your thoughts

They have commissioned the master
to compose a requiem for the peace.
Down the line, the man lost his mind,
he handed them a paean for sanity.

They have all obliged the host,
All, but a couple of them, gathered
in the large hall. It wasn't flooded,
but it wasn't empty either and

He has been following you like a shadow
Thought he had pried open all your windows
spent half hislife time to strip you naked
No corner of yours he left not dissected

Monty Idumallab Biography

I am sixty three year old. I was born in the state of Odisha, but my mother tongue is Telugu. I come from a family of poets. My grand father wrote in classical Sanskrit and Telugu. He taught literature in School. Several of my uncles and aunts also dabble in writing. But, I am a Water Resources Engineer by profession. I studied in M.R.B.H. School, Paralakhemunidi; S.K.C.G. College Paralakhemundi, NIT Trichy, IISc Bengalore, Washington State University, Pullman. I taught Water Resources Engineering at IIT Kanpur for 10 years before I moved to IIT Madras, Chennai. Around 2006, I got the urge to write, and ever since I have been writing on and off. I am not sure whether they can be classified as poems though... but then I do get lot of peace of mind when I write one, and that is why I like to share them. I am a big fan of Rock & Roll lyrics and music. My biggest influence is the Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan. I follow my heart while I write; I guess that's what all the poets do anyway. But sometimes, an academic's mind overrides on a creators heart...Some of my writing bordered on exploring the issues which one may feel borderline dark. But I must confess I am not morose or pessimistic in any sense.)

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Song Of Hope

You've got nothing to look for, and
pieces on the floor, strewn all over
You can't bend and you can't pick
Your back and spine hurt so much
You lost your mojo, your will to live
Ho ho ho.. you listen to the life flow
Go go go… take a walk on skid row
See them kids playing on the road
Hear the loud laughter from homes
Don't ask them for fistful of sesame
Seeds, all they have, they're rotten
The enlightened one can't exorcise
the ghosts and the devils, and drive
away them damn blues into blue sky,
But they won't mind giving it to you,
Hope you need and searching for
They've enough left from yesterday
They wrap it nicely, with a flower too

You lost your dear ones, your father
your friends and your only brother;
Don't be afraid to cry and shed tears;
It will be mystical and shear magical
When you see through those drops,
A rainbow on a dry summer evening
Riding on it, all them departed souls
Merrily, joyfully, cheerfully, playfully
Fantasy? it's not, ask Gabriel if you wish
Learn the tune the wind is whispering
Sing it to the owl; it is late in the night
It's time to catch some sleep or a wink
Learn that song from the ripples in river
Howl it to those wolves in the woods,
They all need to go for audition soon,
Already, Yellow moon is high up in sky
Dance hysterically, whirl like a dervish
Sing and scream your song of hope,
Won't You like a rainbow's kiss…..

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