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A Family

A family is like a circle.
The connection never ends,
and even if at times it breaks,
in time it always mends.

Do Dogs Go To Heaven

I hear of a place that is made of gold,
a place where we shall never grow old,
but one answer I have not heard at all,
will there be paw prints from my little dog?

Lost Dog

It's just getting dark, fog drifting in,
damp grasses fragrant with anise and mint,
and though I call his name
until my voice cracks,

A Family Bond

A family bond is really strong,
They'll accept you, if you're wrong.
Family is there for comfort and support,
Even love you, if you're short.

I Miss You

I miss you in the morning;
I miss you late at night.
Just to think about you
Is my joy and my delight.

Thinking Of You

I'm thinking of you
With joy and pleasure,
Remembering times
I'll always treasure.

Smart Phone, Dumb User.

My new phone is "smart." I guess that I'm not.
Amazing what all this here smart phone has got.
TV and Weather and Internet, too.
There's just no limits to what it can do.

Im Not Old!

My eyes are fine; they are just printing words small.
I just use a walking stick to seem stately and tall.

Nothing is wrong with my sense of smell.

Pretty Fawn

Pretty little fawn
On my back lawn,
A lovely sight,
Nature's delight,

The Sea

Leave your pain by the shore line, and put your bare feet the the sand,
let the water be a soft place to rest when you cannot stand,
watch the flying seagulls go bye and hold the sun in your palm,
then go underneath the water where it's nice and calm,

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