nagamuthu osho Poems

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For the soul to console
Let us forget and forgive;
Each other, when our wean heart comforts and soalce:
Deep, our wound would heal and feel glee,

Immortal Thought

Let vivid mind!
Travel to bind!
Divine's sound
And those Realms!

Life Is A Wave Of Ocean

The life becomes, and because of miracle, debacle, and pinnacle,
where the silent soul move to love,
The one near the nectar, all and love to prove,
Ne'er to hurt the life, e'er to heal...


It is to laugh,
When I grow high;
Use the medicine of laughter,
Which is subtle, source soul of softer.

Thanking God

Glad God! thy Glory Grace spread!
Glittering fame unfetter my fate's thread
Where thy magical thought
Makes me mute...My start

New Dew

New is my news,
Spreading those drops and dews;
Making the world to rise,
Giving happiness and surprise;

Love Is An Abyss Wave

Love is ever sweet,
And to your holy feet I ever greet;
Melting my conscious to become pious,
Surging and slaying my sorrow!

Pearl To Spark

The pearl of poem for my sister,
Who is nice, niche in the oyster;
Had ye endowed to me by the divine?
'O I am blessed by the Lord's love, which smile to shine,

Bounty Of Beauty

It is the thought,
Which I sought;
And at last of divine's wrought,
I came near, ne'er in shame,

Orphan's Orison

Thine voice echoes, seel Gospel springs
Where cuckoo relent and sings!
In salutation
'O orphan! ne'er feel thy seperation

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