Forgiveness Poem by nagamuthu osho


For the soul to console
Let us forget and forgive;
Each other, when our wean heart comforts and soalce:
Deep, our wound would heal and feel glee,
And stands Lord at our pedestal of Heart;
Greeting and singing with harmonious tune, Thou Art!
All those ill will, will flee, fill with mirth
Hark! holy only will suffer, atlast attains wisdom thro' faith.

Masarapu Navyasree 11 May 2012

to err is human, forgive is divine is the most influential is feast to my eye to see such a wonderful poem on the concept of forgiveness.please read my poem' save animals, save ourselves'

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Rajaram Ramachandran 30 May 2007

Forgiveness is divine and in this path there is no war but only peace. 'When someone slaps your right cheek, show him your left cheek, ' so says Jesus Christ, but who is practising it? Tit for tat is the order of the day. But it is the duty of every poet like Nagamuthu Osho to remind this world of the need for 'FORGIVENESS.'

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Nalini Hebbar 19 June 2006 change to harmonious...lovely thought...just what we need in todays world

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Uriah Hamilton 05 October 2005

Normally I save my hormonious tunes for the ladies, but I do believe in forgiveness and seeking a Higher Self to guide us.

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nagamuthu osho

nagamuthu osho

Chidambaram, India.
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