Nasteha Mahmud

Nasteha Mahmud Poems

1. Life 3/6/2013
2. I Wish She Knew 3/6/2013
3. Negative Minds 3/18/2013
4. Relatives 3/4/2013
5. Invisible Prince 4/11/2013
6. Show Them 4/19/2013
7. A Blessing 5/27/2013
8. What Matters 6/21/2013
9. I Come From 7/2/2013
10. Envy 8/26/2013
11. I Am A Warrior 9/30/2013
12. Why? 9/30/2013
13. My Darling 10/15/2013
14. Just Me 11/4/2013
15. As Long As I Live 11/15/2013
16. They And I 12/4/2013
17. I 12/21/2013
18. Forever 12/21/2013
19. Beautiful Future 6/21/2013
20. Life Is Too Short 3/4/2013
21. I Choose 6/23/2013
22. Beautiful Souls 6/23/2013
23. Heartache 4/15/2013
24. With You 6/28/2013
25. Disappointed 6/28/2013
26. Someday 10/24/2013
27. Is 'Thank You Lord' Ever Enough? 11/4/2013
28. For You 4/11/2013
29. See Behind My Mask 5/18/2013
30. Please Help Me Hate You 11/15/2013
31. He Looked At The Sky 12/21/2013
32. We. You And I 11/4/2013
33. Let Go And Remember 4/9/2013
34. My Love 5/17/2013

Comments about Nasteha Mahmud

  • Odhiambo Gilbert Francis Odhiambo Gilbert Francis (10/29/2013 3:36:00 PM)

    Hello Nesteha.
    I have had a wonderful time reading your poems. The poems seem to literally flow powerfully from your heart like a swollen river in the rainy season. Your poems are packed with uninhibited feelings and I could not help but wonder if, for you, the poems are a tool for self-expression. And you are so hopelessly romantic - capturing love's occasional joy, the emptiness and disappointment, then the desire for the unknown. Indeed the language is simple to capture the raw, unclothed feeling, which I can instantly identify with.

    Thanks for the poems. I look forward to reading more from you. All the best.

    Odhiambo Gilbert Francis

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Best Poem of Nasteha Mahmud

My Love

I will be your ground
Supporting you in every way
I will be the shoulder you lean on
In every hurtful situations
I will wipe away your tears
In every heart breaking moments

Your dream will be my dream
Your happiness will be my happiness
I will stand by you and be with you
You will never have to worry
My loyalty and love
Will only be yours

I want us to be as close
As sealed lips
Every time you are forced down
I come up to meet you
And in the middle
We find our bliss.

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You can't live with them
And you can't live without them
Nature demands their existance
And religion gives them acceptance

They don't let you live in peace
And they don't let you live in pieces
They are always there by your side
In every aspect of your life

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