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You were in my sight again today, i tried.
I shed tear, you looked clear,
You sang, i drank.
I burned another smoke and cried;


Years and years here;
We talk with gazes dear,
With this loving hearts;
We will meet in dreams dont fear;

I saw your face on the moonlight night,
God was there too, with all of his might!
You weren't on my sight, even though i cried;
After that i realised, the tavernmaster was right.

We met on a summer day,
Day after day our bond grew;
We were what friendship was they say,

Without loving you or caressing your hair;
Without achieving happiness i still bear,
If i pass away without seeing you in here…
Dont pray, stay next to me dear;

Lovers dont have logic, wont be logical
With a single sin i cant be diabolical
I am a lover with love more than a love
I dont have a home to go except you

Months and months since i had written anything,
But dont think that i dont have a shattering lightning!
For a long time i was silent, i wasnt talking!
It gushed, i bursted up!

Maybe you'll always sing this song,
Your heart wont, even if your tongue longs,
My only wish is your happiness.
It wont matter even if you don't...

People looking from away thinks im happy,
They dont know i am the one with eyes bloody,
They dont know the pain the sorrow flooded
My life turned into nights too foggy…

What were i? a pure fellow?
Maybe a spring of a meadow?

My biggest delight, my hapiness;

Life / goes on / without / waiting
Goes on / to / unknown / leaving
Without / unknown / going/ slowly
Waiting/ leaving / slowly / dying

Those who sleeping the sleep with their lover
Those, finding the happines of life in a returning over
Those thinking a taste, mistaking the time to unendless,
They dont see the sky going up as the night perishes.


Leaving your will since seeing the future awaits…
If there is a vile death -i am sure- this is what its.

I wont believe on this earth even if i see with my eyes.

What would it matter, if i laugh everyday with your pain still?
With the day on horizon the trouble starts, your love is to kill!
I got knead with your love, i turned pale i faded,
Not a day, not a week, forever i am intoxicated...

I have a last memoir before you leave,
Take my last memoir for you to wear,
This is a necklace, a masterpiece of here;
If you dont like it, break it and be clear!

Like a storm on a summer day,
You came to disturb my peace away
And, in my life, everything has changed
Because I love you, because I love you.

I am a kid, my mishap is caused by my childhood
Like my waywardness, my game-wanting livelyhood,
Like all children, running around having fun, for endless hours
I am a kid, sparkles of my eyes, are from my childhood,

I thought nights were day with friends
My so called friends was a hope in me
Whenever i fell down and collapse
My so called friends, left nothing in me

If we part away tonight, we wont meet again
We are both arrogant, we wont talk even if we aim
Half of my life is passing with these huffs and puffs
Other half will pass with seperation roughs

To the mightiest feeling, to the biggest loving
And dont let their laughing
You are light on my eyes, a fane on my heart
Dont let the sun i watch keep withering

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Broken Mirrors

You were in my sight again today, i tried.
I shed tear, you looked clear,
You sang, i drank.
I burned another smoke and cried;

How sinful am i, im still punished?
How come i was never cherished?
Those days with laughther faded away, right?
I looked at the broken mirrors and cried...

Only you were in the passing years!
I cherished those days where there were no tears,
Your thought gave life to this tavern.
I cried twenty four seven...

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