Phantasmagoria Poem by Nel Omofolarin


Rating: 4.4

Winter's worthy ways wrestle with wonders
Worry wheedles where whippy willows whee
Weird wistfulness wooing wintry winnows
Whittled where worn-out wills wilt
Were wanton willows wheeled on windy wings
Wayward witness, we whine with warring wills
Wondering why woozy wizardry worsens worldly woes
While wobbled wealth withers with war-torn wiles
What will words wear
Where world wields weariness?
What walk warms winners will
Where weather weigh worries?
Wit worthless!
Wonder whirls with wheeze my way!

Thursday, May 28, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: confusion
My hymn where I gave my best and yet, my best could not earn me what I is a song born of frustration..... I guess those days, my luck was a hard one....the wording is one of my best!
Kim Barney 12 June 2015

Absolutely astounding alliteration. Entertaining to read. Now if it only made sense you would really be on to something!

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Nel Omofolarin 15 July 2015

Split each words down, your dissection of these words will lead you to an intriguing genre which if embraced might give poetry a new look

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Fabrizio Frosini 15 July 2015

as Kim wrote below, ''Now if it only made sense you would really be on to something! '' :) dear Nel, for sure, this poem of yours is not easy to translate in Italian.. ;)

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Nel Omofolarin 15 July 2015

Its going to be a lot of was a lot of work putting them together in English. If you are able to get the words right in English, you will find it really really meaningful sir

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Sandra Feldman 15 July 2015

Or any other language, at that.

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Yewande Adedokun 21 July 2015

nice play on words and ability to convey and carry the message

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Yewande Adedokun 21 July 2015

Lovely play on words and still conveying the message. nice job bro

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Jayatissa K. Liyanage 20 July 2015

What ever others feel about this poem, I feel that it adds a different dimension to poem. No doubt, you would have put in some effort in bringing it up. Yet, its a different taste. Appreciated.

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Ayman Parray 19 July 2015

I read below in the comments somewhere that you put a lot of work into 'Phantasmagoria'. Writing can be very difficult sometimes, something I am sure we all must have experienced. The level of commitment you have put in this poem is simply amazing, definitely worth appreciation and celebration. The poem itself is quite entertaining, refreshing and challenging. I must have read hundreds of poems on PH but am yet to come across one like 'Phantasmagoria'. Thank you Nel, for sharing this wonderful and unique piece.

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Raymond Farrell 18 July 2015

It gives me the feel of winter and its storms and chill and the winter's blast.

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