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Am I broken
Going insane
Has my path been chosen
Or maybe have a broken brain

We see thieves in shackles,
Murderers in ball and chains,
Human traffickers in manacles,
Torturers strapped in reins…

Writing poetry helps find the voice for my thoughts I can't say
Helps express all the feelings I don't allow myself to embrace
Most of them are dark, I'll admit
But it shows my true emotion when I'm writing it

This is the way
The story of everyday
The same old heat
Same old rhythm, same old beat

Wandering around as a child
Born with an innocent mind
Running about with energy
Looking with curiosity

Help! I'm shaking
Help! I'm quaking
I feel my blood boiling
I feel my body tensing

I see you
I hear you
But no voice is heard
We speak but not with words

Sitting in classes,
Hiding in shadows,
Running fast, my being flashes,
Making sure I stay low…

Holding in emotions
Rapid churning in motion
Tumbling down in a twirl
Going round in a whirl

The light rises in the morn'
It shows more than you know
All enjoy to see the light
For ahead a journey bright

I look at myself now
I see my life before me
I see many taking a bow
I know it wasn't supposed to be

I sit and enjoy my day
While you keep on planning
Having my worries far away
While you ideas are haunting

Trapped in your cage
Forced to your will
Suffocating through the pain
Upon waiting for your kill

I am lost and confused
I hear the whispers in my head
I see birds flying free
I want to understand the world

The God of Love
His powers sweet as a dove
With his arrows golden
Make your heart molten

I saw light for the first time
A new journey I have to climb
Where I am I don't know
Stuck in a river that doesn't flow

Who are you
I have no clue
You're in my head
A voice so dead

Pushed me away
And yet you seek me
You made me a stray
And yet you need me

History has been made
Light brought among the shade
A smile among frowns
Instead of silence, there's many sounds

Long time in waiting
Pain, excruciating
Now laid on the bed
Announced dead

Otha Gwabe Biography

I've been writing all my life, but before I hadn't realized I was able to write. I was laughed at before by my class when one of my teachers had made me look like a fool when writing some of my poems in primary school. I recently started writing again last year in 9th grade and was afraid to show anyone. But later, friends found out and they told more people, and I wasn't laughed at. It gave me more confidence to write and share my poetry. I know I'm not the best writer, but I try. I hope you enjoy them too!)

The Best Poem Of Otha Gwabe

Forgotten World

Am I broken
Going insane
Has my path been chosen
Or maybe have a broken brain

"Wasn't there a time…"
It seems you don't remember
My imagination is a crime
The memories burden gets heavier

I get these visions
That might not be there
Am I on a mission
I'm a mere being, not rare

Stuck in an ancient loop
Fortunes untold
Gone through a timeless hoop
Old memories unfold

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