Love And Love Poem by P.A. NOUSHAD (SHOMSI)



PATHIRIPPATTA - po, KANDOTHKUNI, Kakkattil-via, Kozhikode, Kerala, India

Love And Love

Rating: 4.8

Your eyes are in my heart,
vast, deep, bluish,
A sweet breeze now touches
the brain, heart, mind, and soul,

alluring lips

whisper in my ears again.
The depth of your love
as the stars dappled stream flows
not disturbing anybody.
Reflecting its beauty ever...

wings of love, beauty, and eternity
merge into one,
when? from where?
I don't know, sure,
I have a bit of
soft spot for you and the apple of your eyes,

Now, the ring on your little finger,
giggling bangles encircling the wrist,
light green vein on your soft hand
near the silver wrist watch,
swaying earrings, stroking the cheek
appear more beautiful,

birds, flowers, butterflies,
life on the earth,
grass, galaxies, time and infinity,
my mind recollects all these...
Moses and Ten Commandments,
the Bible, the Qur'an, the Gita...
rationalists, communists, atheists...
Darwin, Freud, Newton,
Magellan, Copernicus, Shakespeare,
Van Gogh, Charles Chaplin,
E equals MC squared,
cloning, IT...
pianissimo, play on...

an innocent smile
on the face of a child,
tears of a neglected old mother,
a rose lying near the tomb in silence
with scattered tears on the petals,
sleep, death, darkness...

why did I come here?
who sent me here?
where am I going after death?
there is life beyond the grave?
for whom do I wake up in the morning?
why the creations are in pairs: male and female?
why does nature bind me with your eyes?
why does nature allow your eyes
to pierce me so deep?

two doves ruffle their feathers
on the branches near the green leaves,
the sky kisses the ocean
making ripples and waves on its breast,
electrons keep their smartness
near the protons,
day and night play hide and seek,
Tajmahal blazes in the evening rays
pulsating the love ever...

the stars wink at each other
during their travel in the space,
moonlight touches the petals of lotus
in romance,
now the pregnant clouds pour,
the flowers and fruits delight the soul,
now, no prejudices,
no narrow domestic walls,
but love
your eyes
vast, deep, bluish...

Love And Love
Saturday, July 26, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: love and art
Emma Woods 16 August 2008

as commented before, the description of the eyes through the entire poem somehow grips the reader and the poem itself is beautiful - it's amazing - every word used fits perfectly

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Allotey Abossey 29 May 2015

This's biut'ful.. God bless you friend

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Allotey Abossey 29 May 2015

This's biut'ful.. God bless you

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Geetha Jayakumar 17 May 2015

A Beautiful poem. This poem itself is winking its eyes with love. It captivates the readers from beginning till end. I liked the flow of words and many interesting lines, adds beauty to this poem. Loved reading it. I will be reading yours many more poems. Thank you for the beautiful comment as a poet.

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Anjali Sinha 03 April 2009

lovely write nicely penned -10 anjali

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Dr. Antony Theodore 25 December 2020

Your eyes in my heart, vast, deep, bluish, a sweet breeze now touches the brain, heart, mind and soul, Fine expressions of love...... very fine poem. tony

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Nixon Griffith 21 July 2018

gave me intense love shivers down my spine, excellent poem

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Uddhab Naik 17 April 2018

The words are beautifully wreathed.

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Keerthana Vk 28 November 2016

really awesome....nice concept.....

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Howard Savage 05 February 2016

Great start to the poem, Love and Love.

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PATHIRIPPATTA - po, KANDOTHKUNI, Kakkattil-via, Kozhikode, Kerala, India
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