Penny L. Poore

Rookie (3/12/1970)

Penny L. Poore Poems

1. A Chance Swim 1/19/2008
2. This Magical Spell 1/23/2008
3. Where We Come From....[reborn 1/23/2008
4. You Should Have Known 1/30/2008
5. Writer’s Block 1/30/2008
6. The One Thing You Can’t Control 2/1/2008
7. When My Thoughts Run Astray 2/1/2008
8. Fell From Grace 2/15/2008
9. Join Us 3/3/2008
10. Her Safe Place 3/6/2008
11. I’m Still Imprisoned (Acrostic) 3/22/2008
12. About Me 2/1/2008
13. Mr. Moore 2/4/2008
14. Summer Of A Thousand Dreams (Adult) 1/19/2008
15. As Of Today 1/23/2008
16. Sand Castle 1/30/2008
17. Quickie (Adult) 1/30/2008
18. For The Man I Love 2/11/2008
19. me 2/1/2008
Best Poem of Penny L. Poore


Let’s take a glimpse at my life
Carefree has never been quite right
Adventurous now looking back seems fitting
Once moved from Fl. To La. To be with a man I’m so in love with
I have two children both happy teens
One can be very lazy the other is sometimes mean
Impatient yes that’s me, its’ not fiction it’s a fact, I'm a Yankee
I am working on simplicity a modest quite life that’s my dream
But when it’s all said and done, I just want to be loved for being me

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You Should Have Known

You should have known he wasn’t yours
All he shared with you was words
Dreamy fantasies yes that’s true
Yet here he is with me so goodbye was said to you
I stood back silent giving him some room
He mistook it as coldness and let the darkness consume
In his heart is where you wish you could live
Sorry to tell you but a moment of weakness doesn’t mean move in
I feel no hate nor bitterness yes I am still a bit numb

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