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Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield (22 September 1694 – 24 March 1773) was a British statesman and man of letters.

He was born in London and was known as Lord Stanhope until his father's death in 1726. After being educated at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, he went on the Grand Tour of the continent. The death of Anne and the accession of ...

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11 November 2014

An honest man may really love a pretty girl, but only an idiot marries her merely because she is pretty.

11 November 2014

Business by no means forbids pleasures; on the contrary, they reciprocally season each other; and I will venture to affirm that no man enjoys either in perfection that does not join both.

11 November 2014

Gratitude is a burden upon our imperfect nature, and we are but too willing to ease ourselves of it, or at least to lighten it as much as we can.

11 November 2014

Let us not only scatter benefits, but even strew flowers for our fellow-travellers, in the rugged ways of this wretched world.

11 November 2014

If originally it was not good for a man to be alone, it is much worse for a sick man to be so; he thinks too much of his distemper, and magnifies it.

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Philip Dormer stanhope 25 November 2020

Philip Dormer was dorn in 22 setmper 1664 and died on 24 march 1773

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Philip Dormer Stanhope is one of the poet I respect the most, and inspires me I like his quotations

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