? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Poem by Whispering Rose

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Rating: 3.4

I’ve broke my own heart
Let’s just hope the decision was right
I thought I fell in love before
But this was so much more
I never though it would be this way
Never thought i would be the one to walk away
Why did we listen to that song?
And made it our own
You asked me to take you to my heart
But you’re already there and I can’t get you out
Will I be that brave?
And tell you how I really feel
Or will I take it to the grave
And never know how it would've been
I’m scared
Holding a heart full of fear
I’m loved
But wishing I never knew how it feels
I keep thinking of the next lie
What can I say to justify
Why I left without saying a word
Even though you meant the world
I stood in the rain
Hoping it would wash away the pain
But tears filled my eyes
Before I could even realize
Now I’m sitting here thinking of you
Wondering whether any of it was true
I used to cry
When we say good bye
I never said I miss you, I was too shy
Now I miss you too much that my eyes can’t dry

Kevin Carney 19 October 2010

Such a sad a poignant poem. I agree it is simple but, you have so much feeling in it. There are many good lines that really express it all. I agree with the comment below never stop writing.

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Unwritten Soul 19 May 2010

oh it really express your heart feel...so much emotion and i can feel it... i like this poem but hope u rose be true with what u feel...

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Emeka Chunye 22 April 2010

I love the simplicity of the poem and d complications in the love shared. Sometimes we just dont know y we take certain decisions but we just do and wish we didnt. Simply complicated poem

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Menime Soul..'d' Ugliloner 05 February 2010

Hi Rose! This is amazingly wonderful.. Yeah, it's written in very simple words, but that's the only reason that makes it so good. I would never like to see that pen of yours stop ever.. Best wishes to ya! ! :)

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