A Dead Man Poem by Whispering Rose

A Dead Man

Rating: 4.8

He walks among us
But he's not one of us
He's someone we love but didn't protect
From all the secrets he kept
He's someone we didn't understand but always judged
We have pushed him to the edge
The day came and he walked away
There was nothing that could make him stay
Years and years passed before I could see him again
He came home a different man
He has become a scattered soul
And yet he's still walking tall
It's been so long and he's now fading away
And still there's nothing we can do to make him stay
We can only say
Forgive us, we didn't help you
We always thought there was nothing we can do
Forgive us, we often forgot to ask how you were
Now we know it wasn't fair
Go back to were you come from
This is no longer your home
You've chosen this road
Suffer in silence, suffer alone
I can't ease the pain
Nor take it all away
I don't want to watch you die
unfinished but abondoned

Kevin Carney 08 October 2010

Such a deep and personal poem. I could but not feel your pain as I read your words. Beautifully written. Thank You for sharing.

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majid Alsaady 09 October 2010

very nice call for a dear soul / it hard to feel abondoned / he may got fed up with ur pity for him / great effective feeling if it got to his hearing.

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Bert Bell 11 October 2010

I was very taken by the honesty of these well-chosen words. They moved me deeply and could well have been written about an uncle I loved who never made it back. Very touching indeed.

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Cain XXX 16 October 2010

very moving. the emotions are captured very nicely with depth and intensity. i also feel the hard hitting impact of the honesty that rings behind your words. thanks for sharing!

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Vipins Puthooran 05 October 2011

It's a touching one.... Humanity dies everywhere nowadays... Emotional and poignant poem

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Med boug 07 March 2011

Though the words are very emotional and deep and well chosen, the most regretful ones are 'unfinished but abandoned'.This is the case '(un) fortunately'. We'll all die and be forgotten, even though something remains in other's heart or memory, it comes the time to forget and to be forgotten... That is the human nature. Very touching indeed

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Darrin Mcmiller Jr. 02 December 2010

Wow, It's like your heart talked and your hands just listened; then walked gently stride for stride where ever your heart roamed. Personal poems can do that and you did a great job. This might be my favorite poem from you.

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Bose Perumal 06 November 2010

He came home a different man He has become a scattered soul And yet he's still walking tall it was completely a different experience. i felt the ancient beliefs.It has a deep mourn not of death but the neglect of the human empathy and the emptiness of human bondage and love. it is also a sincere decry of how man is powerless and desperate before the might of fate and destiny. the elegy melts into warm and freezing passion. Man is the most pitiable because of his sense of logic and aggrandizement. Thanking you, please, go through my poem and kindly send me your feed back. P.Bose 6/11/10

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Menime Soul..'d' Ugliloner 20 October 2010

So eloquent and so beautiful rose... A wonderful write dear. God bless you.

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