(001) Thank God I'M An Atheist! Poem by Danny Reynolds

(001) Thank God I'M An Atheist!

Rating: 4.1

One fine night, in the middle of the day,
two atheists knelt down to pray.
Hymn books opened upside-down,
in Top Hat n Tails, and their dressing gown.

The in-verse lyrics from the page,
sung happily with joyous rage.
Two old friends, first meeting each other,
(both my Grandad’s grandson’s sister’s brother.)
With sufficient humility, to make them proud,
in perfect silence, they roared out loud.

“All things dim and dutiful,
all tree cures smate and groll.
All things dense and blunderfull,
what good is a square ball? ”

Cursed by the blessing,
and accepted by rejection.
As welcoming as Ebenezer,
(when it’s time to pass the collection.)

Thanking God for their disbelief,
from their heads up to their toes.
And then with Pious reverence,
they did pick each other’s nose.

These two brave cowards stand as one
In truth they are my father’s son.

You students of genealogy,
must unsurely disagree.
For my Grandad’s grandson’s sister’s brother,
Can be none other than…..

p.s.: -(Some students of genealogy,
have been giving me some bother.
They’ve pointed out, without a doubt,
it could also be my brother!

Suicide King 22 March 2008

HAHA what a great poem, i really enjoyed this read!

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I laughed at the title, I smiled within, well done.

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Francis Duggan 02 January 2008

Wonderful witty poem Danny with so much humour i love the title very well done

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Gregory Collins 06 December 2007

you will replace yeats, i am sure

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Elysabeth Faslund 29 July 2007

How creative you are, to have not only thought of this, but, line by line, wrote it down. What avenues did you travel, in your mind, to so reverently irreverently put these more-than-humorous lines and separate ideas down? And, everything you said is true! Humor...not the right word! Pungent aroma of honesty in madcap rythmn! ! ! xxElysabeth

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Ivor Hogg 04 October 2008

Typical pawky scots humour My friend providing total enjoyment Disregard nit picking genealogist who lack a sense of humour

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Tanya Stanford 28 August 2008

Love the humour. It's no wonder it's in the top 500 10/10

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Well, Danny, th' Roman Catholic in me, held off on this one for more than 2 years....but befor' ya' pull it, like ya' did some 800 otherz.....you need 2 know, that i've always liked this work...one of yir best.....'Tis a shame ya' won't be able to recite it to me when i'm in heaven, since you'll be elsewhere with............Anyway, hey....i liked it! ....Now, i'm off to Fr. Quinn's Wednesday morning Coffee & Confession To Go! ~FjR ~ ..2008..

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Adeline Foster 02 June 2008

One fine night in the middle of the day Upside down is all I say. Wonderful irony, playing with absurdity, well depicted. I like, I like. Adeline

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Irene Clark-hogg 27 May 2008

And another good laugh. Thank you. I'm looking forward to reading more. Irene

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