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0015 Mrs Wordsworth Joins Poemhunter

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I love to see the daffodils,
they're just so very yellow.
In jugs upon the window-sills
they make me feel so mellow!

But when the daffs begin to niff
it gives my Will the willies,
so now I buy them market-fresh,
flown over from the Scillies.

Gina Onyemaechi 17 July 2006

LOL! Mikey, do you know 'A Nursery Rhyme (as it might have been written by William Wordsworth) ' by Wendy Cope? Look it up!

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Alison Cassidy 18 July 2006

Mrs Wordsworth, What a loverly pome. Very bright and cheerful-like. Love to see those dear little daffs in a row on the sill. Tell me, how's your dear Willy? Still got his head in the clouds I suppose. Ta ta for now.

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Goldy Locks 17 July 2006

you can have some of my inspiration if you'd like. I have some to spare. so you don't have to write about the Fart button anymore.

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Gina Onyemaechi 17 July 2006

LOL again!

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Joseph Daly 17 July 2006

Brilliant Michael, I haven't stpped laughing and I read this nigh on ten minutes ago.

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Michael, you told me you were being inspired today, but I didn't realise your inspiration was of the trans-gender nature... but hey, this is pretty cutish, Wordsworthian indeed, and obviously I prefer the added rather more Shepherdian added verse.... t x

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