158 I Didn'T Intend To Set Your Life Ablaze Poem by Jaden Knight

158 I Didn'T Intend To Set Your Life Ablaze

Rating: 3.7

I didn't intend to set your life ablaze
I just wanted to start a small fire
designed to melt way that frozen stone
hidden deep inside of you
that you called your heart

"A cold as the arctic bathed in moonlight"
was what your ex said about you
unfeeling to the last
"as beautiful as a summer's day
but radiating the bitter chill of winter"

That may have been your exterior
but inside I knew that was a different person
warm caring and nice
hidden away and frozen
almost forgotten
apparently for her own protection

Then one day I gave you a hug
and a spark leapt from my heart to yours
scorching its way into your chest
igniting your lungs in the process

for many days the fire burned
getting fiercer by the hour
gently eating away your resistances
melting your glaciers to nothing

When next we met it was out of control
many of your bridges were gone
only one remained and it was the one we built
nothing remained of the others apart from ash

I never intended to set your life ablaze
that happened purely by accident
but while the fires are still alight
your heart will no longer freeze again
your tundra has been destroyed
never to be reformed

Sunday, October 5, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: truth
Alesia Leach 20 October 2014

A passionate poem. Thank you

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Claudge Ben-at 31 October 2014

This is heart whelming. Who You set free from that person who's heart is frozen and you set it ablaze.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 06 October 2014

Warm caring and nice, beautifully presented this poem 158 did not intend.... Beautifully arranged and expressed.

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Lily Mosweu 19 October 2014

Wow! So much love & more love in this. I actually felt my lips spread into a smile & my heart warmed up. Love it! Love it!

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Bernard Snyder 26 September 2015

Brilliant poem John. Breathtaking to say the least. Great poem!

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Kim Barney 26 September 2015

A nice, heart-warming poem. Congratulations on having it chosen as poem of the day. Well done.

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Sofia Kioroglou 26 September 2015

An amazing poem that really scorched its way into my heart!

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Jasbir Chatterjee 26 September 2015

You must be a great person, John! Thanks for sharing this poem...

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Bri Edwards 30 November 2014

the people of the world would be blessed if they all had this kind of warming, rather than global warming! nice job! ! ! :) bri

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