0092 The Signs Of Love Poem by Michael Shepherd

0092 The Signs Of Love

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What are the inward signs of truest love,
beyond the smile, the kiss, the touch of hand,
that joins our actions to the heaven above;
that constant love which shall for ever stand?

I see two inward signs above all else:
the first, expansion of the bounds of mind
so that no barrier stands 'twixt that and this,
'twixt one and t'other, or 'twixt 'mine' and 'thine';

the second sign, a fine attention brought
to every single action, every need,
as if in loving care, there's but one thought
from constant heart flows into every deed;

these two - a boundless mind and ceaseless care -
pass space and time: the proof that love is here.

Rich Hanson 15 March 2005

One of your many beautiful sonnets.

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Cj Heck 15 March 2005

Ahhh, Michael, you have such a sweet tender spot within you and it's lovely to read. Poetic hugs, CJ

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Herbert Nehrlich1 15 March 2005

I left a message ante portas. H

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Lenchen Elf 15 March 2005

A gentle thought, beautifully expressed: -)

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Rusty Daily 15 March 2005

Michael, Superb Rusty

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Michael Shepherd

Michael Shepherd

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