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[01] Nothing

Rating: 4.8

Uncountable black roses are smiling
smiling and smiling-I've seen
Is it fair or true, mare a dream or nightmare?

A lime-green joy is sleeping
on the dark-purple emotion
Keeping a nil distance between gardenia and bee!

Should I believe what is going on?
Should someone believe the invisible happenings?

Lunatic expression of fanaticism?
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Shimon Weinroth 20 October 2008

the botanists claim that though dormant and latent there is activity, I love your metaphors black roses smiling and lemon-green, my semantic attitude to the lexical term nothing is very different, ie, nothing, is forever or nothing is forever, I am, nothing, therfore I am forever, the poem in a crux is symbolic and well done,10

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Your poem is getting in the depthh of life. Seferis, the Nobel-awarded poet (1963) , in his original poems is using analogous icons (cotyledons) to express the complex meanings with simple means of the Nature. Thanks for sharing, I give it a firm 10, dear Ashraful Musaddeq

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Existential Despair 19 September 2008

A complex poem that is still lovely to read...thanks

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xxxxx xxxx 13 September 2008

a diffirent poem takes me somewhere i love being around, thanks for ur verses

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