Summer Haiku Poem by Ashraful Musaddeq

Summer Haiku

Rating: 3.8

(Dedicated to neat poet Catrina Heart)

1. Summer dragon runs
Upon the plant and animal
Motionless Nature

2. Summer cloud flies
Dream bud wake up sluggishly
Jovial love letter

3. Cloud upon trees
Moving worship around
Love sprouts slowly

4. Summer summer-love
Rain love goes down leisurely
Sleepy grass laughing

Liliana Negoi 05 May 2009

I believe you captured in a lovely way the essence of the art of haiku in this series :) and I'm sure that Catrina would agree with me on this matter :)

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Mamta Agarwal 14 May 2009

lovely images of summer, clouds and rain. you have built it beautifully.10 Mamta

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Afzal Shauq 12 May 2009

Summer love Rain drop Sleepy grass its really a very impressive and meaningful haiko..wonderful...lovely and really heart touching one...respect your words as comments..hope we be in touched sharing words... thanks...yours

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dear friend, though your poems thematically seem very interesting, I would choose not to call them 'haikus' as they do not follow the traditional and stereotypical pattern in their number of syllables and the necessary inclusion of a colour choice in each. I am sorry for my negation, but I feel I must be strict if you want my sincere help

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Naidz Ladia 04 May 2009

a very nice work..expressive, , naizz

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10++ one of the best haikus I've ever read

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Miriam Maia Padua 02 June 2009

all but lovely summer haiku.. sweet... beautiful summer built beautifully love dwells in every lines.. 10+++ _maia_

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Gargi Saha 24 May 2009

A lovely poem. Love & hugs..........u get 10++++++

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Yannis Voultos 18 May 2009


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Lateef Jan Afridi 17 May 2009

lovely write, i like the way you write dear, carry on

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