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[03] And She Was

Rating: 4.4

Laughing demons were deep blue
Sky was frightened on the skyward

Scorching sunbeam marched on
The dusty yellow leafs were diffused

A sparrow was crying somewhere
Breezes were walking silently

Time was settled into the legs

Like the roots of a large tree
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Pandian Angelina 15 June 2009

A picture painted, Of an hot dry still afternoon Numb in limb he stands Watching the train pullout, Strokes of blue brown & black A sad and stricken heart & face, All with the brush of Poetry! Brought to mind so many Rustic stations, distant places And many of our own goodbyes! A very true picture painted With heart and soul and pain. Angel

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Brishti Mazumdar 03 June 2009

Time was settled into the legs Like the roots of a large tree. So good lines...10+ for them...Brishti Mazumdar

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Raj Arumugam 03 June 2009

a beautiful poem that artistically brings in color, imagery and nature into masterly effect...

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Karla Bardanza 25 May 2009

Great lines! Beautiful work!

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Jasbir Chatterjee 24 May 2009

So much compressed into so few words! Wonderful! People come and go out of our lives, Sun rises and sets, rain falls and stops; though certain moments remain etched forever in our memories, in an overall sense all that happens is just as per the expected order of the universe.

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a beautiful so well written poem

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Abby Mackaway 21 June 2009

beautiful. it sounds so lonely, and i love the section about the breeze. well done. With respect, Abby

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Nothing went off, a train left And she was into the train., , , , , ns lidw goes on with or without companion. it is real life... beautifull y said.....10

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Anju Addanki 20 June 2009

it was a wonderful poem.what ever happens life has to go on it does not stop well done keep it up.

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a life of all existence well depicted....10

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