[03] And She Was Poem by Ashraful Musaddeq

[03] And She Was

Rating: 4.4

Laughing demons were deep blue
Sky was frightened on the skyward

Scorching sunbeam marched on
The dusty yellow leafs were diffused

A sparrow was crying somewhere
Breezes were walking silently

Time was settled into the legs
Like the roots of a large tree

Nothing happened but a train left
And she was inside the train

Poem 03
Book 'Affluent Love- The Silent Killer' February 2012
Copyright Writer
Adarsha Publishers, Dhaka, Bangladesh
ISBN 978-984-8875-33-9

Marieta Maglas 17 May 2009

Apparently, nothing happened.The nature waits solemnly the train departure Time stops to start again with the departure of the train..Two persons have been separated. Two people are breaking in their love.Nature is personified: .''A sparrow was crying somewhere/Breezes were walking silently.'' Epithets of color appear, very suggestive, that emphasizes the painting of the nature: ''dusty yellow leafs''.We expect the tear, but, no, it looks like rain. A beautiful poem.(and my little 10 is there)

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Afzal Hussain 17 May 2009

Beautiful and so picturesque!

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Ken E Hall 18 May 2009

Such a large meaningful story in so few words, word work chiseled with skill++++++10 regards

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Miriam Maia Padua 18 May 2009

such a elegant write... thoughts' provoking.... really a well crafted piece... 10+++

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Js Black 21 May 2009

Great emotion to your work...excellent job....Jeff

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a beautiful so well written poem

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Abby Mackaway 21 June 2009

beautiful. it sounds so lonely, and i love the section about the breeze. well done. With respect, Abby

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Nothing went off, a train left And she was into the train., , , , , ns lidw goes on with or without companion. it is real life... beautifull y said.....10

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Anju Addanki 20 June 2009

it was a wonderful poem.what ever happens life has to go on it does not stop well done keep it up.

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a life of all existence well depicted....10

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