(012) Lo And Behold, I Present My 100th Poem Today Poem by Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

(012) Lo And Behold, I Present My 100th Poem Today

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In these 10 years of my life
I have learnt quite a lot
But Fiza’s jokes I only know
How to make a horrible knot
I learnt to ask for help
Whenever in need
And help everyone
In words as well as deeds
I have learnt to keep faith in dreams
Because then they will come true
And to your little problems
All you have to say is ‘shoo’.
Don’t be a coward
When enemies try to scare you away
Don’t turn back
Face them on your way
I have had the time of my life
But I know it won’t be so ahead
No time at all for rest
No time to go to bed
Life ahead is very hectic
Stress of work on your mind
Sometimes there is no time to be nice
No time to be kind
But today I am really happy
I am filled with joy
I want to jump & say,
“O boy O boy O boy! ! ”
You might want to know why
So this is what I will say
Lo & behold, I present
My 100th poem today! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Congratulations its a remarkable landmark.. Keep it Up...

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Lynda Robson 29 October 2007

Well done Risha, keep up the writing

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Raveendran . 29 October 2007

Contended whole number ten ten, wish you great success!

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Dr Antony Theodore 26 September 2018

have learnt to keep faith in dreams Because then they will come true....yes dreams come true.. go to Disney land in Atlanta in america... the theme song sings loud the dreams come true............ yes dream dream and dream and work hard to make ur dreams true.......... do not waste time.. thank u for the positive notes in your poem. tony

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D T Joseph 16 February 2008

Dear Ms Risha Ahmed, I just read this poem of yours, and felt happy. Thanks for writing it. And all my best wishes for scaling further heights in English poetry. Bye, Risha.

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Patti Masterman 30 October 2007

Risha I am so happy for you! When I was your age, my poems seemed like treasures hidden in my notebook! Someday you will have ten thousand poems and then you will really be old! (smile)

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 29 October 2007

Well done little Risha, congratulations for 100 great poems...Hey is that you in the photo girl, now i can put a face with the poetry too....

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David Harris 29 October 2007

Risha, I know how you feel. I could hardly believe it when I posted my first hundred up this year. Just keep on putting that pen of yours to the paper and soon you'll be shouting I've written 200! The first hundred seems the longest, after that they get easier. Congratulation on reaching that magic 100. Top marks and thanks for sharing it with us. David

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Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

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