(040) I Do Not Like Cricket Poem by Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

(040) I Do Not Like Cricket

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I do not like cricket
I hate it when they make runs
I hate it when they remove a wicket
I would rather read while eating buns
On each and every street and road
Everybody will roar
Oh, can you please quickly tell me
How much did India score
When a visitor arrives
Whether he is tall or stout
He will beg to know
Whether Sachin is out
What I’m going to say
I’ll say with no pain
I only like cricket
When it starts to rain.

Howard Johnson 11 January 2007

I have never played the game.Some players say the game can last for days.With your writing tallent, Risha...Well I agree...I would rather read your poems than watch you play cricket, , rain or shine....

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Diane Violet 11 January 2007

I too would rather read your poems than watch Cricket anyday! Nicely done Risha, I enjoyed your poem..........Love and Hugs, Diane

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Raghavan Warrier 12 January 2007

In India every sensible person will feel the same like you do Risha. When a game (like cricket) becomes a war and the whole nation stops to celeberate or mourn and criketers are worshipped as demigods; you start hating the game. But you have shown that inspite of your age, you have a rebellious mind and have the individuality to stay away from the tide the whole nation follows. I appreciate you for that. Raghavan

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Jibin Joseph 12 January 2007

hi risha a great write i totaly agree with you risha in india we just forget everything when its cricket. we see peoples gathered around in tv shops and in public places just watching the game. sure its a great game when you play it, not when you waste your full day doing nothing and just glued in front of the television. boys are trilled when they can remember the statistics. how much sachin scored in each game. by how many runs we win or loose. how many wickets srishant took. i totally agree with you risha its really a waste of time. do something creative during that time.and as the earlier comments on the poem, even i would be reading your poems than watching the game. a perfect 10 / 10 for your poem keep writing and keep sharing your new works love jibin

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Mary Das 23 January 2007

Hi Risha, a well written poem. Keep writing. You are gifted.

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Bob Oldfield 14 June 2007

Hi Risha I think this is a wonderful poem, full of great images of a cricket-obsessed nation. Sadly, though, I have to tell you that I absolutely LOVE cricket! ! ! I hope you'll still speak to me! (I'm from England but live in Canada) . Great stuff - I really did love this! Bob

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Puppy Luver (10 yrs.old) 22 March 2007

At first, I did not know what cricket is, but now I know it is some kind of game. I was upset at first because I had a pet sheltie named cricket, and I loved her till she died. And I mss her. I am glad it is a game you don't like and not my dear pet cricket. Since I don't know what the game is about and I guess I wouldn't like it either. I like to write more than to watch tv anyway. I think you have a great talent and if you write at least every day, hopefully you will be as great as my dad. Pretty soon I will be as good a writer as he is, too. Puppy Luver

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 14 March 2007

I hate cricket too, just like you, so let us share a bun or two and read a poem or two, how does that sound to you...Risha...A 10 for you... lets do a rain dance too..: -]

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Kimberley Logan 16 February 2007

very nice, for such a little girl you have excellent talent. I'm a very big fan of criket, and understand how it distresses you to have to deal with the roars and updraft of the crowd when there is a game on. Very good job.

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David Harris 27 January 2007

Risha, I wholeheartedly agree with you on this one and I'm English! I don't understand the game and probably never will. Give me a good book, or a blank page to write on any day. I loved this little poem and it deserves a 10. David

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Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

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