If I Were A..............? Poem by Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

If I Were A..............?

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If I were a rabbit
I would hop all around
I would nibble carrots
Without making a sound
If I were a lion
And even if I was full of might
As I was defeated by an ant
So I am on a vegetarian diet
If I were a fish
I will swim in the water
I won’t dare come out
Because then it will be hotter
If I were a horse
I would participate in races
And secure the first place
And look at happy faces
If I were a giraffe
I would have a view from the top
But I am still unlucky
Because I can not hop
If I were a kangaroo
I would hop around with a pouch
But I hope I won’t fall down
Otherwise I will say ‘ouch! ! ’
If I were a penguin
I would walk like a baby
If the weather becomes hot
I will have a swim, may be
If I were a monkey
I would sit on a tree
And keep throwing berries
On a poor old donkey
If I was that donkey
I would chew up the monkey
Even though I know
He is not that tasty
If I were a cockroach
I would steal food from the larder
I just hope my other task
Doesn’t become harder
If I were an eagle
I would soar in the sky
And look at my sumptuous prey
From up so high
If I were a camel
I would store food on my back
And then I will move on
Carrying it like a sack
If I were a peacock
I will dance in the showers
Amongst the tall trees
Amongst the beautiful flowers
If I were a sparrow
I will fly or eat grains
Bur even if I only do that
I still have lots of brains
If I were a duck
I will wade in the lake
But I will stop the poem here
Or you will shout, ” stop for heaven’s sake”


I really love your poem Risha! You used a lot of great expressions in this 'very long' poem of yours. In this poem, did u imagine what some of the animals do or did u know it from the top of your head? (write your answer back) I also enjoyed the ending because it was very funny and entertaining. Anyway, I better stop typing before you read 2 pages of a comment and you fall asleep while reading it :) LOL Ta Ta! P. L..

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Akhtar Jawad 10 January 2015

Risha is princess of imagination, So nicely she has written this poem I have no alternate but to comment it's simply wonderful.........10

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Davis Zak 02 February 2009

I am going to post a wish list and please go on writing this one continually.

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Savio Vogt 16 January 2009

I like it a lot... I wish I was free....keep writing......to me yr a genius...just like me.....forming poem versus within seconds...try reading my poems...if u have the time........

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Maryam Khan 28 December 2008

this poem is as cute n sweet as you are. great job, keep on writing! maryam

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???? 13 December 2021

Thank you so much it is useful to me

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Soumita Sarkar 24 January 2021


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very nice It was very interesting and contained a lot of informations.

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Clinton Siegle 24 August 2018

well it is a different type of poem. what type do you call it?

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Rajesh Thankappan 20 August 2016

Nice poem Risha, you can happily continue.... We will never tell you to stop.

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Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

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