(016) On Vacation Poem by Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

(016) On Vacation

Rating: 2.9

My family went on a vacation
I gave my father all the persuasion
Can I go and wander in the forest
To catch at least a tiny little pest
Very dangerous it is for you to go there
There will be a lion, tiger or a big black bear
He told me, to these things pay heed
But I thought these are things I don’t need
I went to the depth of the forest
But couldn’t catch a single pest
Thinking about things I shouldn’t care
A lion, tiger or a big black bear
I started going towards a cave
Suddenly a loud roar it gave
I thought this was a good part of my vacation
When suddenly I felt suffocation
I heard the loud roar again
I felt as if I was trapped in a monster’s den
The loud roar had really given me a scare
It could be a lion, tiger or a big black bear
First it’s my life I have to save
I quickly ran out of the cave
To these things I should pay heed
Go to that cave I won’t dare indeed

Jibin Joseph 24 December 2006

good work............... keep writing wishes jibin

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Patricia Gale 01 January 2007

A fine story, a lesson inside....

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Dee Daffodil 05 January 2007

Excellent piece of poetry from such a young writer. Well done Hugs, Dee

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Mary Das 25 January 2007

Beautiful story poem. Well done.

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Diane Violet 25 January 2007

Exceptional vacation poem Risha......................Love and Hugs, Diane

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Tcd 09 September 2022

Great poem

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Tcd 09 September 2022

Great poem

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bobBy 20 October 2020

BRUHHH what if ur name is less than 5 characters

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marivic Rosario 08 June 2010

reminded me something..

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Sandhya S N 08 July 2009

My god! ! ! I will not... I am scared... If U come with me I will try regards Sandhya

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Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

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