Risha Ahmed (12 yrs) Poems

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If I Were A..............?

If I were a rabbit
I would hop all around
I would nibble carrots
Without making a sound

(010) Fellow Birds

As the sun showed it's first ray of light
I told everyone it's time to take flight
They asked me whether the adventure would be long
I said it would'nt be if we hum a nice little song

(022) Waiting For The Baby

We are waiting for the baby
To smile its sweet smiles
We are waiting for the baby
To touch the nursery tiles

(013) My Baby Cousin (Lovely Zaara)

She looks straight into my brown eyes
And creeps so very near
She pulls my hair so very hard
That I say 'oh my dear! '

(004) A Snake In My Garden

One night I was in charge of the house
When my parents had gone out side
I was having loads of fun
With the radio blaring and paper planes that glide

(016) On Vacation

My family went on a vacation
I gave my father all the persuasion
Can I go and wander in the forest
To catch at least a tiny little pest

(001) A Midnight Roamer

It is so beautiful, nice and round
Like a balloon you blow
Spreading light across the night
With it’s warm and golden glow

(011) A Dream Which Never Came True

If only I could fly
And soar up so high
I want to touch the sky so blue
But it never came true

(008) Troublesome Creatures

Buzzing around every night
From the ditches they take flight
Sucking blood from me and you
And other animals too

(040) I Do Not Like Cricket

I do not like cricket
I hate it when they make runs
I hate it when they remove a wicket
I would rather read while eating buns

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