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[03] Alive

Rating: 4.2

Dedicated to Poet Asif Aijaz

Slice the yesterday
Like the onion
And feed the tomorrow

Slice the love
Like the bread
And feed the dream

Slice the moment
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Christopher Flynn 19 June 2009

seperating life into slices makes everything more palateable.

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Vijay Gupta 19 June 2009

beautiful words & imagination thanks...

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Pandian Angelina 15 June 2009

The Tribute - heartfelt & excellent Your Ingenuiety - I bow to! Simple on the surface We have to delve deep And ponder still Before we gather The Pearls within! Angel

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close your eyes don't say a word on the edge of life u r still alive..... imagination outright is eye catching.... beautiful words said......10

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Vanita Thakkar 04 June 2009

.... On the edge of moment You are still alive! Beautiful and touchy. Great poem! ! 10+++

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Kelly Kurt 07 April 2015

A pointed and meaningful piece, sir

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Akram Saqib 10 October 2009

great rhyming poem ashraf

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Ramin Chaman 09 October 2009

A nice poem..and full of image words.. and very fluent... and thanks for your nice comment on my poem/ A target/

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Ejaz Khan 20 September 2009

Eid Greetings to you and your family! May it be a blissful day! Regrads

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Raj Nandy 13 July 2009

I loved the philosophy hidden behind the poetic imagery! 10+ -Raj Nandy

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