0397 That, It Is

Rating: 2.8

unknown; formless;
eternal; always present

who may think of it?
who may speak of it?
who may not think of it?
who may not speak of it?

where is it?
where is it not?
when is it?
when is it not?
what is it?
what is it not?
who is it?
who is it not?

when other is one
and there is here
and that is this
and then is now

and poets are silent
and silence holds their poetry
and mind and heart
are in love with rest

there in the stillness,
unknown, formless,
always present,
here and now

Michael Shepherd 16 June 2006

I hoped to make those spiritual questions so often read in translation, into something more lyrical..

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Mary Nagy 16 June 2006

This reminded me of a soul-searching session put to paper. Great line of questions. I love the line about here and now being always present. I really enjoyed this Michael. Sincerely, mary

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Alice Vedral Rivera 16 June 2006

what can one say? what can one not say? you've said it all so simply and eloquently avr

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Scarlett Treat 16 June 2006

And the Eternal struggle to answer the question of 'Who am I? ' I really like the depth of this Michael, the questioning, the seeking for truth. Isn't this what poets are all about? Thanks. Scarlett

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Duncan Wyllie 16 June 2006

This crosses so many boundries, what a fine piece, so well written, so worth reading, I could almost drink it in 10 without fail Love Duncan X

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.. You did. A flowing, throught-provoking and above all calming piece, Michael. (And I needed it) .

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