1106 Planetary Haiku Poem by John Knight

1106 Planetary Haiku

Rating: 5.0

SUN our providence
from its nuclear fusion
energy for free!

MERCURY nearest Sun
name for a liquid metal
too hot for comfort.

VENUS love planet
bonding Mercury and Earth
too hot to handle.

EARTH unique planet
place of intelligent life?
no real evidence.

MARS the God of War
hope for colonization
drinking at Mars Bars!

SATURN coquettish
rings on her fingers and toes
man's favorite planet!

URANUS mystery
lends name to uranium

NEPTUNE cold distant
it has no liquid water
why then the Sea God?

JUPITER powerful
God of the Solar System
please show Him respect.

PLUTO demoted
cartoon character for kids
now showing on Sky.

MILKY WAY starship
hostel for Solar System
high calorie snack!

I love a collection of Haikus on a related subject,
this is called a HAIKULT. I have tried to use the
classic 5 - 7 - 5 syllable pattern for each PLANET.
I would be pleased to receive alternatives!

(John Knight - Colchester - November 2009)

Patti Masterman 05 November 2009

This is so witty and intuitive, and has just the perfect juicy tidbit about each planet.

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Lady Grace 05 November 2009

since i don't know the rules of writing haiku, so i will commnt as what it is understood...the solar system is composed of 9 planets,1 moon and 1 sun...in this piece, each planet is represented by a nice haiku..nicely done...

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Having such an interest in Astrology I really appreciate these Haikus. Loved the too hot for comfort and too hot to handle with Mercury and Venus, and the wit with Mars and all of the planets are written about so creatively. Certainly a treat to read from such an experienced poet. 10 love Karin

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Rachel Butler 06 November 2009

'Hostel for Solar System' Rachel Ann Butler

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cristain 11 April 2018

how come you doun't have poems about solar eclipse

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 19 November 2009

Excellent haikus of the planets and you kept with form [5-7-5 ] I enjoyed reading all of them. a 10++++

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Clara Odelia Ciutara 09 November 2009

John, it's nice. Making a haiku on planets as the basis is a good idea. All the paragraphs telling about planet are well penned, and this haiku is fix to be scored ten, well done. i love this poem.

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Philosophy of a DewyFlower 08 November 2009

well done/ interesting! a symbolic piece! ! !

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Patrick A. Martin 07 November 2009

Any one who can supply Ms Masterman with a juicy tidbit is alright by me, but be careful John she doesn't trap you down at the Mars Bar..........10

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John Knight

John Knight

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