(13) Principle Tested Poem by Lubna S. Khan

(13) Principle Tested

Rating: 2.7

Ted was a boy at school,
More principled than the rest.
He excelled in all the fields
And he was teacher's best.

His friends once decide
To plunder his neighbour's grove.
Ted warns them against this
But forcefully the friends move.

Ted threatens to penalize them,
None takes heed to Ted.
He cries in agony for farmer
For he had a family to be fed.

He then tries his diplomacy
And says, 'I'll assist you in this task! '
And I must get three-fourths of plunder
Or I shall unveil your mask!

They agree, to the orchard they go
And rob every apple cluster.
Ted gets his share of plunder
He, but, gives it away to the sodbuster.

He narrates the entire episode
To the poor poorer prole,
Says, 'This was all I could save! '
And such was Ted's beaut role!

2nd of June,2006

Preeti - is here! 05 August 2006

Lubna, really good work there. a story well told! Preets

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Aisha Sherazi 02 June 2006

What a lovely tale! Thanks for sharing it with us. I am glad that Ted did not end up getting caught and blamed....but then, that would have been an Indian film plot I suppose... :) Peace, Aisha

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Lubna S. Khan

Lubna S. Khan

Dahanu, Maharashtra, India
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