(15) 7/11: Terrorism Vs Mumbai Poem by Lubna S. Khan

(15) 7/11: Terrorism Vs Mumbai

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It was Tuesday, everything fine,
And Mumbai was rushing home.
Eager and excited, waiting,
To reach their home sweet home.

Seventh was the month,
And the date was eleven.
Seven were the blasts,
Within minutes merely eleven.

And that was a mayhem,
And that was a plan.
This is sheer terrorism,
Gone is the life of man.

Seven serial blasts in trains…
They start with Khar, Borivali,
Then Matunga, Mahim,
Bhayander, Mira and Jogeshwari.

Happy commuters travelling home,
And then take place the blasts.
Ending happiness, tiredness forever,
And Mumbai’s mournful sobbing lasts.

The fast running locals,
Within minutes came to halt.
Debris of bodies lay on Earth,
They faced death, though no fault.

But lo! Mumbaikars are spirited humans,
And I salute this land.
They rush to provide food and water,
And to donate blood they stand.

See how the victim bleeds,
Resting on laps of Earth.
And Oh terrorists, say you!
Is this, you think, mirth?

Killers! Do only you have dreams,
Or only do you live a life?
And the man who died had children,
And now a bare-browed wife!

Your demands could be fulfilled,
And relief you would have sighed.
But what of the helpless parents,
Whose only child has died?

Orphans, widows and widowers mourn,
All because of your sins and you.
And as their gardens wither,
They shall forever curse you!

You are the dwellers of hell,
You shall never taste victory.
You were and will be losers,
We all are one, not solitary!

We will never bow or fear,
Our holy land we can’t cheat.
What beyond lives can you take?
You shall forever face defeat.

Your doings are wrong, unfair,
Nothing of what you do is right.
And till the Day of Judgement…
Terrorism can never be justified!

12th of July,2006.

Anjana Aravind 25 July 2006

Terrorism is unacceptable any where in the World. A tribute to the victims nicely written Anjana

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Peter A. Crowther 15 July 2006

A fine tribute to those innocent victims in this horrific atrocity

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Nice description of events and who might win in the end, overall nice job Lubs

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Ashish R 13 July 2006

wow....u captured the entire spirit of the blasts.very well written.

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Preeti - is here! 13 July 2006

Terrorism definitely cannot be justified. Lubna, this is a fine poem about 7/11.Terrorists can take lives, but they cannot take away our zest to live and our fight-back spirit. Welcome back to PH, seen you after a long time. Preets

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Lubna S. Khan

Lubna S. Khan

Dahanu, Maharashtra, India
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