(24) Studies- Inevitable And Undone Poem by Lubna S. Khan

(24) Studies- Inevitable And Undone

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Each day I wake up late at dawn,
Doze and sway and stretch and yawn
And before in morning I can pray,
'Here we are', my dumb books say!

I slap them off and I go away,
Refresh myself for the coming day.
I dump them in my study rack,
Promise to read them when I'll be back.

I jump outdoors and loaf like bees
On the hostel roof watching trees.
Suddenly while admiring the setting sun
Reminded I am of the task undone!

Slumbering though, I rise from my place
And with the boring studies I race;
With a brave heart awake I keep,
Then slowly I bend low and go to sleep!

Someone comes and gives a hard blow
I get up from dream and to study I go.
I listen to a song to make my mood
But trust me fellows, study's no good!

People, O People, tell me please,
Shouldn't the torture called 'exam' cease?
There should be a dose called 'Study Pill'
That we needn't study and simply chill!

While I think and great words I speak
I see my books and I feel I'll freak.
I pull my hair and with self I fight,
Look at the clock and say, 'It's late night! '

With utmost care away my books I keep
With aims to study next day, I fall asleep
Next day I wake up late at dawn,
Doze and stretch and sway and yawn...

(Written on the 11th pf April,2009...right in midst of my exams...with Biochemistry paper next day! ! !)

Maheshi Chhaya 04 May 2009

How true I agree....

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Mel Vincent Basconcillo 24 April 2009

truly wonderful and spectacular..brilliant words..u amazing! !

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Lubna S. Khan

Lubna S. Khan

Dahanu, Maharashtra, India
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