(27) A Journey Called 1st M.B.B.S Poem by Lubna S. Khan

(27) A Journey Called 1st M.B.B.S

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When I landed here,
So proud, happy and meek.
I just didn't know then
What was waiting for me!

Right away on night two
While we were snoring aloud,
Bang opened our doors,
And we were called out.

Oh! Seniors they were!
So we had to move.
So horrified we were
About what they would do!

We started speaking of ourselves
Like showing resume for a job,
Felt like promoting oneself
In midst of a mob!

They called it 'Intro'
And that was all fair.
But drowsy at twelve midnight
That would come as nightmare!

We are budding Doctors
Was what we felt then.
But soon our misery came on us
When we studied Biochem!

Then came there Anatomy
The 'Boss of 1st Year',
The fun we had in DH
The formalin and the tear!

The Physio department you know,
Is known for being rude.
However perfect we were,
The exams were always crude!

Days passed by and by
And we were now all friends.
Bunking lectures and sleeping in class
Were few of commonest trends.

The life back in hostel
Is such a fun I say.
You have the best of friends
And a new experience each day!

Despite being from 1st year
We try to be dare devils,
We bunk the mess and go nights out
Then comes on us the Rector's evil!

The hostel terrace and the lamp,
The midnight two and maggi bowl,
New rooms and the DJ nights
Fun was here for each soul!

The lovely Farewell Parties,
The rocking Freshie's Day,
We simply loved them so much,
The dramas and each play!

The lovely college canteen
Is such a heavenly place.
We've found each dashing senior here,
And every beautiful face!

The college library, Oh!
Is the most slumbering city,
Hell is out there
Each face there wears a pity!

We have a major crush on one,
We dare to play the love game
Only to realize he's occupied
This tragedy with all is same!

While we pass sleepless nights
Someone else appears in scene.
We're still thinking of the old guy
While new stories already begin!

We want to laugh a lot
But we cry aloud
Because all this happened
When exams were around!

We come to our senses and wake up
The poison of failure we fear.
We slog and cry and bang each hour,
But miraculously exams we clear!

This is MBBS and we the 'Students'
We learnt to overcome each fear
Through the most happenning event..
A Journey called 1st Year!

Written by me,
Lubna S. Khan
(written on the 2nd of April,2009)

M. Asim Nehal 02 March 2023

We all have our cherished memories and you shared it well in your poetic style.

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Jazib Kamalvi 24 September 2017

A nice poetic imagination, Lubna. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 08 October 2013

Wow 1st time i read a Mbbs poem, unique eh. Pennd so wondrfuly frm budding Md onwards, a great epic. U may review my poems too pls.

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Nice one honey, read my 'The Medical Text Books' and 'Sri Devaraj urs Medical Colege'

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Kafil Uddin Raihan 11 July 2009

This is MBBS and we the 'Students' We learnt to overcome each fear Through the most happenning event.. A Journey called 1st Year! The words are really true, as I am also a student of medical college I feel this...Cheers with 10+++, mam.

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Lubna S. Khan

Lubna S. Khan

Dahanu, Maharashtra, India
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