(16) Dahanu, The Countryside Poem by Lubna S. Khan

(16) Dahanu, The Countryside

Rating: 2.7

See how does the rainy season sizzle,
And the lovely green grass dazzle,
The plushest green, the deepest blue,
The brightest yellow and every hue!

From here, the window, I can see
The crowd of flowers and the humming bee,
The sweetest mynah singing fine,
And the shepherd roaming with his kine!

Look how the fisher and farmer folks,
In their milticoloured clothes,
Sail their raft in th' see and th' creek,
And the farmer in his field is meek!

The darling children play in meadow,
And the cattle rest in shadow,
Mystifies me the naughty butterfly,
Stupefies me th' rainbow in the sky!

The cold rivulets gush and roar,
And sweet fragrance the winds here borne,
The weather lulls and the storms chill,
The buds bloom and the petals frill!

How enchanted is the nature here!
So melodious are the voices, hear…
In love with Dahanu, the countryside;
Khushamadeed…on a Nature's ride!

Written on the 21st of June,2007.
By Lubna S. Khan

Vinod Ak 26 August 2009

Fabulous poem....You have projected the beauty of Dahanu so well..that I can see it through the poem! Enjoyed reading it!

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Lubna S. Khan

Lubna S. Khan

Dahanu, Maharashtra, India
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