.17) Hymn To My Days As A Delivery Guy

Rating: 5.0


The company’s magnetic logo plunked
onto both sides of my Mazda,
I sit parked beside a field of new snow
that covers my memory with innocence
in front of some faceless warehouse,
waiting for Jay the dispatcher to call.

Finally, he tells me where the packages wait.
I cross a bridge to the depressed
steel mill towns on the East Side
and the oil refineries I never saw as a child
though I grew up only twenty miles away.

Soon after that, the weather turns. The wild
spirit of the spring, a young lion,
jumps in my car window one night,
pawing me and carousing as I drive
thirty miles, across the Missouri,
for a lab pick-up at a rural hospital.

Always, I hang with my companions
NPR and endless books on tape,
styrofoam cups, delicacies and coffee,
a notebook and a pen.


Every day the Mystery
of driving a sacred world,
God’s footprints everywhere
as though He just left
and His fragrance still lingers.

Even as these moments come up in memory,
the humor of the game goes on,
for where I looked for Him in vain
when each moment had its fling with the Present,
now as each arises again,
part of a slide show frozen on mental film,
I see He was there all along.

Beauty is back there calling me
even while continuing to play hide-and-seek
in the life I've exchanged that one for,
different trappings on the surface
but underneath the same 'job',
pursuing the Loveliness that will not fade.

Gina Onyemaechi 03 March 2006

That's a masterly and uplifting twist you work in here, Maxy. Rich writing. Warm regards with a score of 10 from Gina.

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Ivy Christou 07 March 2006

I really liked the ending in this one and the way you connected your past with the message of the poem. But the ending has impressed me a lot. Original way to put in to poetry that our true job in life is to search for love. very well done! HBH

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Max Reif 03 March 2006

I've tried to fix the line about the lion that confused Charles as well as my wife. I hope it's better integrated into the poem now. Don't know if there's a down side to the new version.

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Esther Leclerc 03 March 2006

A keeper - this lives in my 'Favorites' now.

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Chuck Audette 03 March 2006

That sounds like an ideal job - plenty of time to think, wind in your hair, NPR, books on tape and beauty everywhere. A lion? Really? Wild. -chuck

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Lori Boulard 03 March 2006

Beautiful, Max, right from the heart and soul. I'm glad I'm starting my day with this one.

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