(240) Thank You Father -Prayer For A Healing Poem by Melvina Germain

(240) Thank You Father -Prayer For A Healing

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Father, first of all know how much I love you and appreciate you
in my life. Father you never leave me, always there to see me
through. This week Father you were ever present in not only my
life but that of my daughter and I thank you for what you did for
her this week. She now understands what I’ve been telling her
for quite sometime. There you were Father showing her what she
needed to see, giving her the inspiration she needed and filling
her with positive energy enabling her to go after her dream with
the gifts that you gave her so long ago. Thank you Father God for
always being present in my life.

Father I ask you to touch the life of a sister poet and her husband.
I know you know who I’m speaking of Father, so I won’t mention
any names. I speak of a sister poet who lives a difficult life dealing with an alcoholic husband, but you know Father she is
standing by her husband, taking one day at a time.

Today Father I pray for a healing for this man, help him to give up this addiction in his life, help him to see the light, to realize
what is happening to his wife, to know that he is going down hill
and needs to fight his way back into the real world. This man
Father God is living as you know, in a haze, so I pray for a healing.
I pray that you step into their lives and show them your power.
I know there isn’t anything that you can’t do, you’ve showed me
that over and over Lord, now I ask that you do the same thing for
this couple. She is tired Lord, tired of looking at her husband,
asking herself-why-. I’m sure this man wants to give up this
habit, but he doesn’t know how Lord, but Father with your help, he can do it. Father God he needs a helping hand. He has the
support of his wife and with your divine power and the blood of
Jesus covering them, they will find the strength to move on and
leave this alcoholic addiction behind them.
Father I ask that you talk to him, show him the way, inspire him to
want Jesus to be the center of their lives and to have a wonderful
relationship with you Father God. Only you can help these people Father, only you can tear away the dark covering and shed a bright
light within their lives. Father God, I pray for all others that may be suffering from this addiction, I pray that you enter their lives and give them a healing as well. I know you know best Father and
I leave this with you for you are the all powerful, the all knowing
and the master of the universe.

Thank you Father for everything you do, I thank you in the name of your son Jesus-Amen

Written: Sept.21/2007

Meggie Gultiano 25 September 2007

Thnaks for sharing this with us, Melvina..Amen, our God is really an answering God.. hugs, Meggie

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Ernestine Northover 22 September 2007

A fluent beautiful askance. May he hear your plea and help all who live in this sad state. God bless you tool. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 22 September 2007

A beautiful prayer mel, i know she will take great comfort from you, we all do when your around sweet lady... love andy xxx

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 22 September 2007

Inspiring work, young lady...someone like you makes a case for Women Priests! lol! Very nice, indeed, Melvina... ~ ~ ~

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Geoff Warden 22 September 2007

And as we know where two or more gather, so let me agree with U dear and in the midst of this...we know that he doth hear and answer.....

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Melvina Germain

Melvina Germain

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