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((4) Keeping Company

Rating: 3.2

My eyes keep getting misty this winter.
So much quiet cold at night
just to wait for you in the morning.

I am weak
of the unstable kind.
My wheels are used up
but I like the way
you handle speed
on those secondary roads.

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Arwen Lee CW 24 September 2008

Sadly, for most people-the more cars they have, the better. Learn to cherish the one and the only, that's the way we shall be.... I think. Nevertheless, bravo and 10 from me as well.

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Marvin Brato 22 May 2008

Being with someone you love for a long time make you understand every bit of him... as if he drives you like a car that you can anticipate his every moves, you become one... you the car and him your driver! A smart expression of love and passion, a 10.

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Joscephine Gomez 24 April 2007

Very sensitive expression. Bravo!

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Sandra Fowler 03 April 2007

A very compelling write. A bit sad, but the gifted poet is always willing to give himself away in words. Take care, Luis. Kind wishes, Sandra

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